Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dublin Trip, Finally

Well I finally found my memory card that has the pictures from our trip to Dublin, so I can finally share them with you!

 The whole reason for our trip to Dublin, TX was to visit the Old Doc Soda Shop. Home of the Dublin Dr Pepper Museum. In case you are not aware, I am a Pepper :)

 In front of the building is a statue, "Sweet Inspirations" depicting the plant's owner, Bill Kloster -- "Mr. Dr Pepper" -- offering a bottle of Dr. Pepper to a little girl.
 Inside the Soda Shop is all the Dr Pepper memorabilia you could imagine!
 Hubby with his new hat because he too is a Pepper, why do you think I married him?
 As part of our trip we took a tour of the bottling plant. Our tour guide is showing us the bottle washer.
 These are the drinks this plant bottles.
 Yum! So much Dr. Pepper!
 These are the bottles coming out of the bottle washer.
 These are the bottles after they have been filled and capped.
 Each bottle passes this marker to mark on the lid. They change the color once a month so they can sell all of the older ones before selling the ones with the new colored lids.

 Old Dr. Pepper bike
Hubby & I, Smile!

 They had some great & unique stuff!
Frosty Peppers, Dr. Pepper blended with Ice Cream - So good!

 Once a year the name of the city is changed to Dr. Pepper, TX in honor of the anniversary of the Old Doc Soda Shop.
 Dr Pepper time, 10, 2, 4 - The time you should have a Dr Pepper :)
 Mural on the Soda Shop.
 The Soda Shop is on the corner of Elm & Patrick, we found this especially cool because one those streets is Hubby's name...I'll let you guess which street :)
 Through the whole city you can see evidences of their preferred drink :)

 While in Dublin we also went to the Dublin Historical Museum.

 After leaving Dublin we stopped at a small family owned cheese farm & these are calves outside of the farm.
 They were so adorable!
Look at those beautiful big eyes!
And finally this is the hotel we stayed at in Stevenville, TX.

We had a great time on our trip to Dublin! Glad I could finally share it with you :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Husband Needs A New Job

I promise I will, in the near future, share with you my pictures from our trip to Dublin, TX, but right now I need to get this off my chest. I do appreciate you being here for me when I need to vent.
That being said...the venting begins...
My husband has been working for a small company for about 7 years & he has really liked it mainly because he really liked the people he worked with. The company has been having money trouble recently & his boss, the Vice President, the owners nephew...we will call him A, has been trying to drum up more business. Last week A met with the owner...we can call her B for more than one reason, to discuss some of his ideas. Then Monday morning A came to work to find he had been locked out of his computer & when B came in she fired him on the spot. Now let me tell you, A is the one who has been running this business for the past two years & has worked there for 7. He told B two years ago when she walked out of the company, gave herself a huge raise, & stopped caring, that they were gonna come into trouble if business did not change. So she has systematically run the business into the ground, & now fired the only person who was trying to save it.
This being said, I no longer feel safe with my hubby working under B's leadership, if she fired her nephew without a second thought, then clearly noone is safe. Also my hubby has worked for A as long as he has been at this company, he loved working for A, even bragging to others that he had the best boss ever. Needless to say he feels the exact opposite working under B & I do not my hubby working for someone who makes him miserable. He even told me that he feels like a traitor staying there after they treated A so poorly.
So if you can shoot up a prayer for my hubby that he finds another job that makes him happy & another prayer for A & his wife that they can find something quickly that will make them happy as well.
And if this company goes belly up now that she has taken charge instead of allowing A to give her advice, then I say she deserves it!
Thanks again for allowing my venting. I know its all gonna work out, but this is just very frustrating. I don't understand how some people can have no regard for anyone but themselves.