Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ATK Magazine

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Hubby & I will be going to his aunt's house along with about 20 other people :) I am making a squash casserole & a much requested Chocolate & peanut butter cheese ball. I will try to remember to take pics to share with you as I'm cooking.
While preparing my Thanksgiving menu I received the exciting news that I had won Wanna Be A Country Cleaver's giveaway for an ATK Cooking Magazine! If you aren't aware I have a 4 shelf bookshelf just for my cookbooks :) So I am very excited about this magazine! It came in the mail after I had chosen my recipes for Thanksgiving, but you can be sure that I will be using it for my Christmas menu!
Thank you Country Cleaver for this wonderful magazine! I am going to thoroughly enjoy it! :)
So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you cooking or being cooked for? Are you going to visit family or are you thankful to not be with family? I would love to hear your plans!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Youth Convention

Hubby & I left Friday afternoon with a van load of teenagers to drive to Houston for Converge - Youth Convention. It was great to see teens from all over TX coming together to worship God. One thought kept running thru my head over the weekend...Teens are loud, rambunctious, & spirited, & when they get loud, rambunctious, & spirited for God amazing things will happen! This weekend renewed my love & desire to be a youth sponsor. I love our youth & know God can do great things with them! I was made to think about my years as a teen, & remember my youth sponsors, & how they so deeply impacted my life. I truly hope I can be here for our teens as my youth sponsors were there for me!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Tim & Cassie are married and are spending their honeymoon in Boston :) We had a fun weekend! Friday afternoon we had the rehearsal, & then dinner at Black Eyed Pea. After The Bride & Groom to be said their goodbyes until the time their eyes meet walking down the aisle, we went to our house for some girly fun. We made chocolate fondue, watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, & talked about marriage :)
The day of the wedding we went to get pedicures.
 Cassie - Bride, relaxing
 Tiffany - Bridesmaid - crazy lady who lives downstairs ;)
 Addison - Junior Bridesmaid
 Me - Bridesmaid
 Don't we look relaxed :)
 Please excuse my ugly feet, here's my pedicure.
 After our pedicure Cassie went to a hair appointment, & Addison went to a hair appointment. So Tiffany & I decided to try something different for our hair. As you will see in the pics to come this worked well for Tiffany, but my hair resembled the top of a poodles head. Thanks to Addison's mom & her hair straigtener, my hair was saved before wedding time.
 The beautiful bride putting on lotion

 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Sabolchick!!!! (since I was in the wedding I have no pics of the wedding)
 Aren't they adorable! If you are wondering how I know these people & why I was in their wedding... well, Tim & I have been going to the same church since we were 7. He brought Cassie to our church about 5 years ago & they started dating shortly thereafter. We are all friends & we are very happy that they have now joined us old boring married people ;)
 See don't we look old, boring, & married? (Isn't Hubby hot!)
 Sorry for the blurry pic, but here is Brother & Sister in law, another adorable couple!
 Tim loves the Texas Rangers!
 This cake is beautiful!
 Father Daughter dance
 This is Sergio - a friend from church, James & Tiffany - The crazy people who live downstairs, Monica - Sergio's beautiful wife, & me
 The groom & groomsmen singing kareoke - James - Best Man - Tim's Brother, Hubby - Groomsman, James - Groomsman, & Tim - Groom
Bride & Bridesmaids singing "Girl's Just Want To Have Fun" The one I haven't introduced you to yet is Niki - Maid of Honor
 Me & my sister :)
Bouquet Toss!
So that was my weekend! Did you have any exciting plans over the weekend?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Exciting Weekend

To start I just sent in my order form to get my new blog design started! I have no idea what to expect, but I am very excited! If you haven't heard you can read about why I'm getting a new blog design. Thank you again I Heart Naptime & Funky Faith Designs!
Next for my exciting weekend, tomorrow I have a wedding rehearsal & dinner to attend. Then the bride & bridesmaids are spending the night at our house & we are going to make chocolate fondue & watch girly movies! Then Saturday is the wedding of two great people who are most definitely made for each other. Congrats Tim & Cassie! Which means Saturday will be filled with getting nails done, doing hair & make up, & decorating the reception hall. I will try to take pictures, but being in the wedding may make that difficult. I will share how beautiful everything was with you next week.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I won!

At the end of October Jamielyn over at I Heart Naptime had a series of giveaways to celebrate blogging for 2 years! I entered several of the giveaways, & actually won one!!! Whoohoo! Happy dance! What I won is a Blog Makeover from Funky Faith Designs! So pretty soon this blog will be very different, for the better! :) Thank you Jamielyn & Funky Faith Designs for this wonderful giveaway!

Friday, November 4, 2011


I love Halloween! The scary spooky, the candy, the fun, what's not to love! & yes we dressed up :)
Do you know who we are?
Do you have a guess?
If you are like most people you will say a sunflower & a Zombie, which is technically true. But do you know what these two things have in common?
The video game Plants vs Zombies!
If you got it, then you are super cool in my book! :) Which may or may not be a good thing...
 I had a pretty busy Halloween weekend! On Saturday we had a scavenger hunt with our youth group in which we did things like hum the theme to Mission Impossible while acting like spies in a Walgreens, we wore fake mustaches, we climbed a tree...ok the teenagers climbed a tree I had to stay on the ground to take a picture for proof. They had a great time, and so did I :) Then Sunday was our church's Fall Festival which is always a huge success! I helped prepare nachos & hot dogs in the kitchen, then I went & played games with Conner. Then Halloween night Conner helped me pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. He had a great time & the kids thought he was really cute (how often does a 2 year old hand you candy?)
So Halloween was a lot of fun for our house! What about you? Any excitement for Halloween?