Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Making Pizza

Yesterday I introduced my Sisters to Tuscan Slice in Waxahachie for lunch :)
We chose Tuscan Slice because the kids can make their own pizzas! They got to roll out their dough,
then add the pizza sauce.
Spread it all around!
Yummy Cheese!
Leah would rather eat the cheese :)
They got to choose one topping, they both got pepperoni.
Luke enjoyed his pepperoni!
Into the oven it goes!
They were given a little dough ball to play with while their pizzas cook.
It's a snake!
Yummy pizza! They had such a great time!
The sisters ordered an alfredo pizza, and they loved it!
I got the cannelloni, it is always a great choice! Although, I've never had something here I wouldn't order again!
The waitress told us that adults can make their own 14" pizza! She said they have couples come in to do it for date night. So if you need a date night that adults & kids enjoy, here is the place! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lynnlea's Baby Dedication

My niece, Lynnlea, was dedicated to God in front of her church this weekend!
It was so special to be able to be a part of this wonderful ceremony!
This little girl is very loved!
What a testimony these 2 will grow up with, that for generations their family has been loving & trusting God. That they were raised being prayed over & taught about our awesome Creator!
Happy Dedication Day Little Lynnlea! We are always praying for you to be joyful, healthy, and to always know God loves you!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Date

Happy Valentine's Day!! Pictured here is our Valentine's Blizzard, Texas Style! Sorry to those who have been living in an actual blizzard, but your snow pics have been making me jealous!
Tonight, being the fancy & romantic people people we are, we decided to try Dallas Grilled Cheese Co in Bishop Arts. What says I love you more than melted cheese and toasted bread?!
We made the right choice! I got The Rustic which is; 3 cheeses normally on rustic white bread which they were out of, so they subbed sourdough ( my favorite bread ever!). My sandwich was yummy! Cheesy, crispy bread, so good! My Valentine got Fried Bologna, which I did not try because yuck! However, he liked it :) but he did say the cheese in mine was more flavorful. The quick pickle they skewered to the top of the sandwich needed to be multiplied! Still crispy cucumber texture, but slightly vinegary & slightly sweet, I could have eaten a jar of them ;)
After our sandwiches we walked over to Cretia's. We have a bit of an obsession with their cheesecake brownies :)
Just look at that brownie!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating love today! Happy Valentine's!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Alamo Drafthouse

Tonight Hubby & I went to the brand new Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas! Yesterday through Thursday is their "Soft Soft Opening" before their "Soft Opening" on Friday.
We will be back! I would go sit through a movie I cared nothing about to get more of that Hatch Green Chile Mac & Cheese! And while I'm there, I will definitely get another Temptress Shake, made with Lakewood Temptress Milk Stout.
But enough about the food (did I mention they put real butter on their popcorn?! Yum!) as we were leaving Hubby said that was the best sound he's ever heard in a theatre. There were points I could feel the rumbling in the seats!
For a "Soft Soft Opening" I would say they have got their act together! We were brought our neighbor's drink, but overall everone was friendly and on top of their game! Also, if you have your tickets already just go get your seat, your server will check your ticket. Dont be like us, standing around  trying to show it to someone ;)
We cannot wait to check out some of their "Quote Along" movies, and other fun events they have planned! Maybe we will see you there :)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our Arrow

Two weeks ago Hubby & I found out that our Baby is in Heaven. Focusing on Psalm 127, our Baby was a gift, and was our Arrow :) All Arrows' goals are to hit their target. It has been a great comfort to know that our Arrow has already hit the mark!
We decided to get memorial tattoos to always have with us for our Baby. Mine is on my forearm, and I love it! It came out so much better than I was imagining!
Hubby's is on his calf, and is much bigger than mine, contrary to how these 2 pictures make them seem. I love how his turned out as well!

We will always have the memory of our Baby, and cannot wait to hold him or her one day!