Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Date

Happy Valentine's Day!! Pictured here is our Valentine's Blizzard, Texas Style! Sorry to those who have been living in an actual blizzard, but your snow pics have been making me jealous!
Tonight, being the fancy & romantic people people we are, we decided to try Dallas Grilled Cheese Co in Bishop Arts. What says I love you more than melted cheese and toasted bread?!
We made the right choice! I got The Rustic which is; 3 cheeses normally on rustic white bread which they were out of, so they subbed sourdough ( my favorite bread ever!). My sandwich was yummy! Cheesy, crispy bread, so good! My Valentine got Fried Bologna, which I did not try because yuck! However, he liked it :) but he did say the cheese in mine was more flavorful. The quick pickle they skewered to the top of the sandwich needed to be multiplied! Still crispy cucumber texture, but slightly vinegary & slightly sweet, I could have eaten a jar of them ;)
After our sandwiches we walked over to Cretia's. We have a bit of an obsession with their cheesecake brownies :)
Just look at that brownie!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day celebrating love today! Happy Valentine's!!

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