Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Making Pizza

Yesterday I introduced my Sisters to Tuscan Slice in Waxahachie for lunch :)
We chose Tuscan Slice because the kids can make their own pizzas! They got to roll out their dough,
then add the pizza sauce.
Spread it all around!
Yummy Cheese!
Leah would rather eat the cheese :)
They got to choose one topping, they both got pepperoni.
Luke enjoyed his pepperoni!
Into the oven it goes!
They were given a little dough ball to play with while their pizzas cook.
It's a snake!
Yummy pizza! They had such a great time!
The sisters ordered an alfredo pizza, and they loved it!
I got the cannelloni, it is always a great choice! Although, I've never had something here I wouldn't order again!
The waitress told us that adults can make their own 14" pizza! She said they have couples come in to do it for date night. So if you need a date night that adults & kids enjoy, here is the place! :)

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