Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Shed

This weekend is the grand opening of The Shed (formally Shed 1) at the Dallas Farmer's Market!

The moved everyone out, remodeled it, & moved EVERYONE back in! The Shed was packed today for the big celebration!

Luke found the biggest basket of oranges to play with ;)

They had face painting and a petting zoo! Luke did not participate in the face painting, even though he begged & begged ;)
As part of the remodel they added a stage to the back of The Shed, Jazz while you shop :)
 This produce stand travels back in time to bring us prehistoric fruit!

 Luke approves :)
 We got to watch an entire bag of fresh peas get shelled in just a few minutes! I think they added a touch of magic during this remodel ;)
They may have some new diggs, but the wonderful produce that we know & love, is still there & will be what brings us back!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


 Elias & I went to Legoland for his 3rd "Birthday Trip", yes his birthday was in February, don't judge!

This was just the holding area where we waited for our turn to go in! Count me impressed!
The first thing we did, after all the kids helped "make" a lego to take home, was ride Kingdom Quest. This was like a ride along video game where we got to shoot the bad guys. Elias enjoyed holding the gun, even though he wasn't tall enough to actually shoot any bad guys.

Then it was straight to Duplo Village. This is an area just for kids under 40". He especially loved the giant rubbery legos!
They also had an area for kids over 40" that he desperately wanted to go in, and he kept telling me, "but I am a bigger kid!" So I think we will have to make another trip once he is an even bigger kid ;)
Earthquake Tables
Here you have to build an earthquake proof building. The platform will shake once you are done building & press the button. He liked this, because he loves to destroy Lego towers!

Elias could care less, but I was very impressed that they built Dallas out of Legos!!
And certain parts of it, like the crane, he could operate using controllers.

Merlin's Apprentice
This one goes around in circles & up & down while you pedal & hold the bar like you are on a flying bike. Elias couldn't reach the pedals, so he kept telling me to pedal faster! I need this kid with me during my exercises!

Lego Racers: Build & Test
Elias loved rolling lego cars down the huge ramp! He built his first one, but after that was happy testing out other's cars when they left them to go play somewhere else.

Lunch time! The kids meals at Legoland come in this adorable Lego box! I was tempted to get a kids meal for myself just so I could have a box too!

Star Wars Miniland
Elias is racing this Podracer with another little boy, they were cute trying to figure out how to work them!

Vroom Vroom!

He is counting the Nemos :) This was in the gift shop, advertising the Sea Life Aquarium next door. I had no idea they had built so much up around the Grapevine Mills Mall! Will be planning more trips out there in the near future!

Batman!!! I do believe this was his favorite part of the entire trip! A picture with Batman, in the gift shop... something we could have done for free ;) It's the simple things.
As we were walking out to the car, he was holding my hand & told me he was ready to go home and take a nap in his own bed, of course he fell asleep on the ride home instead! But before falling asleep, he was babbling on & on about the trip, ( who says boys don't talk!) and he paused, took a deep breath, and said, "I love you Bo", heart melting! Excuse me while I pull over, because I can no longer see ;)
We had a great trip! Next year I will try my hardest for the trip to be much much closer to his actual birthday!! Happy belated birthday Elias, Bo loves you too!!!