Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dallas Farmers Market and a few stops along the way!

What a busy day we had yesterday! The plan started with just a simple day swimming with my mom because she is on vacation this week, and because we have friends with a pool who are wonderful enough to let us use it whenever we want :) Jamie suggested we try out this new doughnut place she found, called Glazed Cafe, before swimming. 

Please excuse our about to go swimming look ;)
They had some very unique doughnut choices, such as a maple eclair that had strips of bacon on top of it. I got a savory waffle that had bacon, jalapenos, and cheddar cheese on top of it. If you are in Grand Prairie looking for a bite of breakfast I suggest you look them up, hopefully they will have a working website by then, because as of now I have no link to give you.
Then we had a wonderful time swimming!
After wearing the kids out at the pool Jen & Leah went home so Leah could nap, and we took Luke to the Farmer's Market!
Look at all that beautiful produce! Luke was thoroughly worn out from swimming!
But when he did wake up, he was ready to try all the yummy fruits & veggies! He liked the cucumber!
He liked the cantaloupe so much he tried to eat the peel!
Here he is trying a melon I had never heard of, an Israel melon. We all liked it & I even bought one to bring home for Hubby :)
Yum! Juicy!
This was actually Luke's second trip to the Farmer's Market. If you remember I posted a pic almost identical to this one in a previous post, only Luke was still in mommy's tummy :) (and if you do click back to read that post, and are wondering about my cilantro garden... it didn't make it)
They are working on remodeling the Farmer's Market, so we will be going back Labor Day weekend to see The Shed!
Once we had bought all our yummy fruits & veggies, my sister wanted to go try Emporium Pies, apparently we talked it up alot ;) We found out they change out their pies every season! So we will have to go back once Fall hits!
Hubby wanted a slice too! And they brought it out to me in the cutest to go package!
Busy Busy day! I think my Mom is going to need a vacation to recover from her vacation (I promise she was with us, she just somehow stayed out of the pictures)! Do you have a local Farmer's Market? Do you love it as much as we love ours?! You are welcome to come check ours out any time, we will share ;)

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