Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Saturday I went to the Farmer's Market with my mom, Hubby's mom, my sister, & my Niecephew in her tummy :) I LOVE our Farmer's Market! There is so much to taste & buy! We always eat healthy the week after I make a trip out there. I buy more than I should which means I find new & yummy ways to fit fresh produce into every meal. So maybe I am buying exactly how much I should!
Sister & Niecephew, Me (I've lost 5 lbs so far!), & my mom, Hubby's mom had to leave before we remembered to take the pic.
After looking at all the wonderful produce we went to the garden section. I have been wanting to grow some herbs & veggies in our back yard, but have been afraid to start the process. I'm not what you would call good at growing things. I have killed a tomato plant in a Topsy Turvy, which are supposed to be easy to use! I have also killed an aloe vera plant : / But I braved it & decided to grow my own cilantro. The super informative woman, who I wanted to bring home with me to keep my plants alive, told me that regular cilantro dies out, seeds, & regrows every year. This was sad news, I use cilantro ALL the time! So she told me I should get Asian Cilantro which grows year round & has a spicy kick. I was all over that! Anything that adds more spice is what I want!

Hubby's mom has a green thumb, so we went shopping for soil & compost to plant our beauties from the Farmer's Market & she helped me plant my cilantro in a container. I think I'll have more of chance keeping it alive in a container :)
See all the beauties she has growing in her back yard! With her help, I may have a fighting chance ;)

I found this sign while out shopping for soil & instantly knew it had to be the subject of photo challenge this week. The theme is Spring has Sprung.
So what springy things are you doing this year? Maybe next year I'll get the courage & will have a nice garden to show off to you!

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