Sunday, May 26, 2013

Boy or Girl?!

Today was the gender reveal party for my Niecephew!

My crafty sister made bows & bowties so we could vote if we thought it was a boy or girl.
Hubby voted boy, I voted girl!
She also made these cute name cards for name suggestions :)
And a chalkboard to keep track of everyone's votes. She is so super creative!

We were all anxiously waiting for the cake to be cut!

Aunt, uncle, & baby cousin :) adorable family!
Grandpa Jim-Jim also voted girl! He wants a princess to dress up at Disney ;)
Finally! Will I have a Niece or a Nephew?! Either way I'm so happy & already love the little thing soo much!

It's a boy!!! I'm gonna have a Nephew!!! I'm gonna read him Harry Potter, play Legos, & love him to pieces!!!
Mommy & Daddy are very happy! :)

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