Thursday, May 9, 2013

Scrapbooking Girls Night!

Sunday night I got together with my sisters & my adopted mom to scrapbook! It had been way to long since any of us had scrapped!

I clearly did not know this pic was being taken lol, but that's my sticker collection... yes I'm kind of a scrapbook supply hoarder ;)

We were working on scrapbooks for a Disney Trip, an Ireland trip, dating (even though we are all now married... sometimes we get behind in our scrapping), and handmade paper flowers for scrapping. We were just having a great time!

 Sorry about the graininess of this pic, my IPhone decided not to be friendly with me : / But look at that cute mama! This weeks theme for my Photo Challenge is Motherly Love. This was my choice for this week's pic. She's a great mommy! :)
 And a cute pregnant lady :)

 We are very excited aunts!

 We are also very silly aunts ;)
Very soon we will be teaching Niecephew all about crafting! 

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