Thursday, March 22, 2012

Growing Up Too Soon

We are about to leave the house to go stand in line to see The Hunger Games! I am so excited! I read all the books & wanted more, so when I heard a movie was being made I was ecstatic!
But before we go I just wanted to share something with you that has been troubling me. Why do they always use adults to play teen parts in movies and TV shows?
The girl playing Katniss in The Hunger Games is in her 20's. The cast of Glee are all adults even though they are playing high school students (which was their cop-out reason for why it was ok for them to all pose inappropriately for GQ). Even Harry Potter, by the time they got around to the last movies, they were all much older than they were portraying.
My issue with this trend is that it makes the "teens" on TV look much more mature than they should, which makes real life teens feel like they should look more mature.
I don't think that Hollywood is trying to tell teens that they should look like these adults. I understand that the laws are much more strict for how long minors can work, so it's much easier to give the parts to people 18 and up. I just feel like we are skipping that growing up time, and it makes me very sad for these young people.

Monday, March 19, 2012

How To Coupon Successfully: Organizing Your Coupons

Please welcome with me The Crazy Lady Who Lives Downstairs AKA Tiffany author of His Rib. I asked her to write a guest post for us, and I am very excited about the subject she chose: Coupons! Coupons are very near and dear to my heart, & my family sometimes would not have survived without them.
You can check out His Rib for Tiffany's perspective on being a stay at home wife & mom.

How To Coupon Successfully

To see the full series, check out How to Coupon Successfully: The Start of a Series, How to Coupon Successfully: Why Coupon, and How to Coupon Successfully: Where to Get Coupons.

Once you have all your coupons cut out, it is important to organize them in a useful way. This is one of the most important steps! If you have coupons, but no simple way to organize them, then you will not be successful.

Recipe/Coupon Box - File coupons into similar categories within your box.
Envelops - Label envelops with different categories and separate your coupons into the appropriate envelope. Or some people just cut out the exact coupons you need and want to use then and keep them together in one envelope. The problem I have with doing it this way, is coupons last longer than one week and you may want something in the future, or it may go on sale and you can stock up.
Expanding File or Wallet - Works a lot like the recipe/coupon box except in a file or wallet.
3-Ring Binder - Ok, those ideas are great, and you should use what works best for you, but personally, I LOVE this one!!! I will focus the rest of this post on how to get your binder ready.

Getting Your Binder Coupon Ready

• 3-ring binder - at least 2''
• baseball card holders - at least 25, may be found at local office supply store, craft store, or comic book shop... my husband found them cheaper there for me :)
• 3-ring binder pencil bag - I put restaurant coupons, scissors, and a pen in the bag
• dividers for each section

You will want to divide your binder into sections. The sections will vary for each family depending on items you are in need of and use. Keep in mind, you will rarely find coupons for fruits, vegetables, and bread, so when I get those coupons I put them in a section that is located near these items in the store. I also put my sections in alphabetical order (because it would go against everything in my nature to do otherwise!), but some people put them in order of the isles in their favorite grocery store. Here are my sections:
• Baby
• Body Wash/Deodorant
• Breakfast
• Canned Items
• Cleaning Supplies
• Condiments
• Cooking Supplies
• Dairy
• Dental
• Desserts
• Drinks
• Frozen
• Hair Care
• Household (other)
• Laundry
• Meat
• Medicine
• Pasta
• Personal (other)
• Pet
• Seasonings
• Shaving Supplies
• Snacks
• Store Specific (Like Target, Walgreens, etc)
When putting my coupons away, I make sure only exact coupons are stacked in the same slot. Stacking similar coupons, but not the same, can be confusing and you may forget about the coupons in the back.

You must use a system that works for you. Figure out which one you like, and will actually use, and just DO IT!

How do you organize your coupons?

Thank you Tiffany for all that great information!
I used to use an expandable folder to organize my coupons & it was a struggle for me to finally give up & get a binder. My reasoning was that the binder would be to big to manage, but let me tell you now that I have switched shopping takes much less time! With the expandable folder I had to rifle through all the coupons in any given category to find the one I wanted to use. Now with the binder I just have to flip pages and I can see  12 coupons at a time :)
I will tell you that I organize my dividers by how I shop. The personal hygiene & cleaning coupons are in front, then the nonperishable food, and lastly the food that has to be cold.
So like Tiffany asked, tell us how you organize your coupons, or if you don't yet did Tiffany make a believer out of you?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Patricks Day

Are you wearing green? Today is a very special day! It's hubby's birthday!!! Thus his name :)
We had a party last night & played Funglish & then Gesstures, both are great group games! Then today we went out for breakfast just the 2 of us & again for dinner w/ the whole household :)
It's been a fun weekend!
So what did you do for St Patrick's day/hubby's birthday? Hope you had lots of fun! The day he was born is definately worth celebrating! ;)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome Home Heroes!

Today was the last day the soldiers returning from Iraq & Afganistan for 2 weeks of rest & recuperation will be routed through DFW Airport. They have been welcoming Soldiers home through DFW since 2004 & I have never gotten the chance to go & participate. When my mom & I heard that this was the last day they were doing it we decided we had to be there.
 We already had to be at the airport to drop off my sister who flew to Atlanta for Sara's birthday, yes the same Sara who wrote a guest blog for us :)
So after we made sure Jamie got through security safely we made our way over to the International terminal to wait for the troops. So many people turned out for the event! We filled the International Arrivals lobby, waving our flags & cheering on our returning heroes. There were over 100 Veterans shaking the hands of each returning soldier. We welcomed 230 Heroes home today! It was an amazing thing!
I am so glad I participated in this, I only wish I had gone sooner & more often. Our soldiers sacrifice so much for us, I am so glad I got a chance to thank them!

Friday, March 9, 2012

March shows

Well after a short break from craft shows, I have been accepted to 2 shows in march! :) the first one is this weekend in Waxahachie. It is the Waxahachie Trade Days, and happens the 2nd weekend every month. I'm praying it goes really well, because having a successful monthly show would be amazing!!!
The next show is Sarurday March 24th & it is the Cleburn Spring Fling in the Cleburn Conference Center.
If you live in the Dfw area I would live to see you at one of the shows! Make sure you come by the ScrappinArt booth to say hi! :) have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My New Blog Header

As you may remember, back in November I won a blog makeover thanks to I Heart Naptime & Funky Faith Designs!
I was very excited since I had no idea how to makeover my blog by myself. Through the process I came to the realization that I really already loved my crafty ribbon background, so we decided to keep that in place. Funky Faith Designs was able to create the new header you see above for me, and if you will notice, the "o" in "you" is a picture of the very first hair flower I ever created! I love this new header! After she created it for me, my super talented Hubby was able to make it work seamlessly with the existing background :)
Thank you for being patient with us while the remodeling was taking place, and thank you I Heart Naptime, Funky Faith Designs, and Hubby :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Elias First Birthday Party

Elias is One :) He has come such a long way & we had a great party to celebrate him. His parents decided to have his party at the hospital where he was born to both celebrate, and thank the NICU staff who took such great care of him. Many nurses and NICU staff came by to see him & have lunch with us, it was a very special party.

 The party was caterpillar themed, and turned out super cute!
 Using the colored dots that are usually used for garage sales, we encouraged people to make their own caterpillars :)
 His Granny found this cake & had to get it for him. How cute!
Here are a few of the nurses who joined the party.
 Birthday boy & mommy :)
Birthday boy's whole family
 I was very fortunate to catch this picture! A split second after I took it, he dove towards the cake, luckily mom caught him before he landed.

 He really enjoyed his first taste of cake!
 He enjoyed it a lot!

Elias really enjoyed his birthday party :)