Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome Home Heroes!

Today was the last day the soldiers returning from Iraq & Afganistan for 2 weeks of rest & recuperation will be routed through DFW Airport. They have been welcoming Soldiers home through DFW since 2004 & I have never gotten the chance to go & participate. When my mom & I heard that this was the last day they were doing it we decided we had to be there.
 We already had to be at the airport to drop off my sister who flew to Atlanta for Sara's birthday, yes the same Sara who wrote a guest blog for us :)
So after we made sure Jamie got through security safely we made our way over to the International terminal to wait for the troops. So many people turned out for the event! We filled the International Arrivals lobby, waving our flags & cheering on our returning heroes. There were over 100 Veterans shaking the hands of each returning soldier. We welcomed 230 Heroes home today! It was an amazing thing!
I am so glad I participated in this, I only wish I had gone sooner & more often. Our soldiers sacrifice so much for us, I am so glad I got a chance to thank them!

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