Monday, February 20, 2017

Dinners and Shows

We were going to see a play in Fort Worth, and Hubby said we had to try this BBQ place he had been to.
Heim BBQ
Goodness, was he right! All 4 of us (Hubby, me, and our moms) got the Big Cat Sandwich. Chopped Brisket on a Jalapeno Bun topped with a scoop of Green Chili Mac & Cheese. When mine & Hubby's came out on the same tray, Hubby threatened to eat them both! Fortunately, he decided to let me have one ;) This brisket was full of flavor and needed no sauce! We will be back (Grandma, we have to make plans to meet you!)
Then it was time for our play at Amphibian Stage.
We saw Northside Hollow, about a man who was trapped in a mine.
These are working headlamps, we were asked to be part of the lighting crew! :) This was a very well done play! And I'm not just saying that because we were on crew ;)
Our second night of dinner and a show, actually started with the show. Cirque Du Soleil Kurios, a Steampunk themed show. It was extraordinary! The acts had you in disbelief!
After the show we went to Trinity Grove in Dallas, and decided to eat at Beto & Son. I got the Stuffed Chile Relleno Noodle Bowl. A roasted chile relleno stuffed with shredded chicken and topped with cheese, laid on top of a bed of noodles & veggies. It was very tasty!
If you couldn't tell, we really enjoy trying new dishes, and new places to eat! I hope you have some fun trying new things too! Let us know about places we need to be checking out!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's BBQ

Happy Valentine's Day!! We were trying to find a casual place that wouldn't be packed today, so I turned to my D Magazine BBQ issue.
There it was, Top 5 BBQ, #8 on D Magazine's top 20 BBQ joints in Dallas. Even better, it was only 15 minutes from our home!
This is a tiny place with only a couple tables, so we decided to bring our Valentine's dinner home and eat it while watching Mad Max, one of my Christmas gifts from Hubby :)
Our reviews:
First of all these are some of the nicest guys! We were asking about their sauce options (regular, hot, and atomic) and they had us come over and try each. Telling us what made them special, and then telling us about their different sausages. These guys are passionate about BBQ!
Both of us agreed that the sausage was the best, and the ribs were also amazing. I love dry ribs! The brisket was good, but not better than the ribs or sausage. I was not a fan of the pulled pork, but I've never had pulled pork that I was a fan of. I'm pretty much ready to quit wasting stomach space trying pulled pork ;) Hubby, who is in the pulled pork is good camp, really liked this pulled pork :) so I would listen to him! The mac & cheese had a sharpness to it that I can't put my finger on, but really liked! The cabbage tasted like it came from Grandma's house :) The potato salad was tangy with mustard, and the beans were a little spicy and a little sweet, but not quite cooked long enough. These sauces though, ya'll, I would eat a shoe coated in their sauce! This is coming from someone who rarely likes BBQ sauce, their hot and their atomic are smokey, spicy, and tasty! And if you are on the side of there should be more cookies in pudding then you need to try their banana pudding. It has no bananas, just thick banana flavored pudding with a box of cookies in every bowl ;)
We thoroughly enjoyed our Valentine's dinner! Now excuse us as we go watch our movie :)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Books 5 & 6 A Couple More Cookbooks

My 5th & 6th books on my Empty Shelf are both cookbooks :) I'm really trying to build my recipe repertoire!
The 5th book was a birthday gift from Hubby :) Eat Like A Gilmore by Kristi Carlson. This unofficial cookbook for fans of Gilmore Girls is a great read! Before every recipe is a little blurb about what was going on in the show when we saw this dish. While the recipes are made up by the book's author and other contributors, they do seem to be right out of the kitchen of Sookie, or Emily, or Luke :) The only recipe I envisioned differently was Sookie's Muffin Bottom Pudding Pie. This book used a graham cracker crust then the muffin bottoms. I always figured Sookie would have made the muffin bottoms into a crust, no need for bread on top of bread ;) But that's the great thing about recipes, experimentation! One of these days I'll make my vision for Muffin Bottom Pudding Pie!
I believe any fan of the show would enjoy this cookbook! Have a little Stars Hollow with dinner :)

The 6th book on my Empty Shelf I actually started a while ago & Hubby found with a bookmark in it. So I finished it and added it to the shelf :) The Easy Way To Chinese Cooking by Beverly Lee. An Interesting tidbit I learned from this book was that egg drop soup is not something eaten in most Chinese households, but she still included the recipe for us :) I have never been able to pull off good Chinese food, but I'm hoping with the help of this cookbook, maybe I can try again!