Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Best Birthday!

 Ghost has an announcement :)
 Thursday was my 31st birthday & I had the greatest gift! That morning I found out I was pregnant! So I bought this shirt & surprised everyone at my birthday celebration :) Everyone has been so excited! We truly appreciate all the well wishes and prayers!
With all the baby excitement I forgot to take pictures of the actual party, but he had a Blue Bell Ice Cream social :) Had to celebrate Blue Bell coming back to TX!!
 Then Hubby & his mom took me to a TobyMac concert!! I love him!!
 Dallas loves him!!
 Then we went to a 5k on Sunday. I gave all my chocolate away ;)
It was quite the festive weekend! Monday marked 5 weeks for the bundle of joy growing inside me! I am so excited and nervous all together! Fourtunately, most of my friends have had kids & don't mind my weird freakout texts & questions :)
We are going to have a BABY!!!!!