Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Zagun Latin Cafe & Bakery

Yesterday we celebrated our friend Eric's birthday :) We ate at Zagun Latin Cafe & Bakery on Oak Lawn.
We ate so much great food! This is the Cachapas (Venezulan/Columbian sweet corn turnover) filled with beef & cheese with plaintain chips. It was very very yummy! We also had beef, chicken, & cheese empanadas. My favorite was the Tequenos (Venezuelan cheese sticks) instead of being breaded the cheese was wrapped in dough & fried - Amazing!
We ended the meal with Dulce De Leche, see that bite of caramel on top? I saved that bite for last ;)

Happy birthday Eric!! Thanks for inviting us to your celebration! Make this an amazing year!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

My Truck

This is my very first vehicle :) 1997 Ford Ranger, I love this truck, I drove it for 12 years! But it was stolen from our driveway almost 3 weeks ago :( I did not handle the situation well at first, I discovered I was to emotionally attached to an object. I asked for a lot of prayer & prayer works!
Today Hubby & his Dad went truck shopping based on a list we compiled from online ads. This 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac was #1 on my list, and they decided it was in great shape & bought it for me! :)
It is beautiful & I am very thankful!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome Back Blue Bell

Blue Bell was welcomed back to Dallas with open arms (& open wallets) this morning! By the time we made it to the store, the shelves were bare (they did have some Dutch Chocolate in the front, but we were looking for Homemade Vanilla)! I called 3 other stores, also with bare shelves!
Then we found it!
They already have a Blue Bell factory up & running in Heaven ;)
Hubby's Mom's pup got in on the action as well :)
She licked the bowl clean!
So have you had Blue Bell today yet? Is it back where you live? If not, don't lose hope, it's worth the wait! :) Welcome back Blue Bell! As the store shelves prove, you were missed!