Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Snow White Celebration

Last weekend we celebrated Snow White's 4th birthday! ;)
Her Mommy & Aunt Jam did an amazing job with the decorations!!
And there's Uncle Patrick putting out the drinks :)
Don't eat the apple!
Just adorable!
She is one special little Princess!

There is a Dinglehopper in the hair bow! ;) Oh, sorry, wrong movie!
Goody bags!
Snow White is admiring the decor,
and throughly thanking Mommy for all of it!
Happy Birthday!!!
To you!!
Happy Birthday dear Leah!
Get all the frosting off that crown!
Blue mouths for everyone!!
Aww, Lynnlea gets to be Snow White too!

That's how to eat cake Leah!! Get that frosting!!
Handmade Dinosaur from Aunt Krystle and Uncle Patrick :)
I think she likes it!

She was so thankful for all her gifts, thanking everyone individually. She was adorable!!
Handing out goody bags to all her guests :)
Photo Booth time!!

Shameful Dwarf!
Lynnlea wanted Nanny to wear the bow :)
She's very proud of herself!
Family picture!
Aww :)
Snow White has been captured by a pirate!
The adults definitely enjoyed the photo booth more than the kids ;)
This Dwarf is ready for war!
Luke finally agreed to a pic with Nanny once i gave him my whistle from my goody bag :)
Very happy with his noise making ability!
Amazing Party!!
I did not get a single picture of the party location! Shame on Aunt Krystle! We were at The Tubes at Irving Bible Church. Great play place for little ones! If you are looking for an indoor activity to wear the kids out, take them to The Tubes!
Happy Birthday Leah! We love you very much!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back to School

After 8 years, this week I went back to school! I am taking American Sign Language I, and eventually want to complete an interpreting program! 
I am excited, and nervous. I have played with the idea of becoming an interpreter for a long time! As a teen I had a father-figure plant the idea in my head, and it has taken me about 15 years to allow that seed to grow :)
My first day of class :) I was super excited to find a lefthanded desk! In all of my schooling I have never had a lefthanded desk!
Here I go! Back to school! Something I swore 8 years ago I would never do again! ;)