Sunday, October 28, 2012

Going Home

Tonight I went back to visit my old church for their Fall Festival. I haven't been there since our last Wednesday night back in August, it was more difficult tonight than I expected. It was good to see the friends & family I still have there, but it was very hard too. And some people just didn't know what to say, which I totally understand, I remember being hurt & confused when people I loved would leave the church. I didn't understand why they were leaving, and now I'm the one that has left. I get it now, sometimes God calls us to a different place in our life & we have to follow. So to anyone I have ever been angry at for leaving, I am sorry. I do understand now. And anyone who is upset or confused at Patrick & I leaving, I am sorry. Please know it was very difficult, it is still sometimes very difficult. I love my friends & family, and moving to a different church definitely did not change that. Overall I am glad I went tonight, I got to spend quality time with Conner & Elias while they played all the games :) and I got to see people I haven't seen in awhile! It's just a process-this moving on thing. I've never handled change well : / but God is helping me every step of the way!

Conner got to fling pudding at his daddy which he thoroughly enjoyed! So I thought y'all would like to see those pics :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!

I love the State Fair! I wait for it eagerly every year! I don't go for the rides & games or the shows though, I go for the food! Hubby & I have been on a diet for about 2 weeks, but when we started we knew Fair day would not be a dieting day, we are self controlled like that ;)
So I wanted to share the fried amazingness with you, so if you make it to the fair this year you will know what we liked!
We started our day with the most important meal of the day
A Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll! As you can see from the sticker this won most creative from the fried foods competition this year. It was really good, but we could not taste the bacon in it, which was a little disappointing.
We also shared a Fried Biscuit & Gravy, which I thought was very yummy, Hubby wasn't as impressed.
Then we went to the 100 year celebration of the Girl Scouts where they gave us Girl Scout Cookies, & told us where to get Fried Samoas! Best sweet food we ate were those Fried Samoas! They wrapped the cookie in what looked like a wonton wrapper, fried it, & then covered it in chocolate, caramel, & toasted coconut!
We of course had to have our usual Fletcher's Jalapeno & Cheese corny dogs! The one thing I won't share, so Hubby has to get his own ;)
We tried the winner of the Best Taste for 2012 Fried Foods Competition:
Fried Jambalaya, it was really good! Lots of Cajun spice, and the spicy ranch they put on top was a good addition!
They have added Freshly Brewed Iced Tea Stands this year, they are cheaper than people sell the sodas for, & if you keep your cup you can get half priced refills, so we took full advantage of that!
Every year we have to visit the Hans Mueller tent, this time we decided to share a Reuben & Potato Salad, & as everything they sell in this tent, very yummy (but I know, not fried).
To end our eating fest (& to use the rest of our tickets) we each decided on our own dessert. I got a fried Smore's which was very chocolately, but the graham cracker had gotten very soggy & weird. Hubby got a Fried Ding Dong that he says was O.K.
Inbetween all this eating, we visited the car buildings, where I decided on my next vehicle :)
Dodge Ram LongHorn Edition, 3500, Diesel Engine, it only costs as much as our home, thats not a problem right?! :)
And we sat to listen to the Marine Drum & Bugle Corps

They were amazing!

We had a great Date at the Fair :) I can't wait til next year!