Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book 10 - Quicksand

The 10th book on my Empty Shelf is "Quicksand" by Iris Johansen.
This book did not have a nice tied up with a bow ending. So if you expect that, which I was, you may be disappointed. However, the more I think about it, the more I am ok with it. Life doesn't end every day with all problems solved, so why should I expect every book to give me that? This book, even on tape (not my preferred way to take in a story), held my interest and was a good "read".
Can you like a book that doesn't tie up all problems before "The End"? I'm starting to think maybe I can.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Book 9 - Love

The 9th book on my Empty Shelf is "Love" by Leo Buscaglia. This was a short but really good read! I finished it on the drive to San Antonio :) It is by a college professor who realized what his students really needed & wanted to learn is how to love. So he started an extracurricular class about love & was amazed how many people showed up! This book had some interesting insights, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Monday, May 4, 2015

San Antonio

 This weekend I went to San Antonio with these lovely ladies!
 These was a UFO sighting on our way in Italy, TX!
 The Czech Stop is a mandatory stop if you ever find yourself near West, TX! It is a family tradition in both my family & Hubby's. We made it a family tradition for the two of us beginning with spending our wedding night across the highway at the Czech Inn :)
 Once we arrived in San Antonio and took our bags up to our room, we set out for a late night snack. We walked to Market Square.
 Home to Mi Tierra
 We shared a couple appetizers, the Queso Flameado was awesome!
 Then a huge piece of Tres Leches! It was so wet there was a puddle under it! Yum!
Saturday morning we were off to Fiesta Texas!
 First ride, The Gully Washer, which is a river rapids ride.

 Are you ready to get splashed?!
 The scenery around Fiesta Texas is beautiful!

 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy
 Two of us rode Roadrunner Express, & the other two were chicken ;) I knew going into it, I was not travelling with rollercoaster riders! Will have to return with Hubby for that!
 We had lunch at Old Blue's Barbecue
 Then we entered White Water Bay, which is Fiesta Texas' brand spanking new water park! As in, Saturday was their very first operating day! We lounged in the Lazy River, and floated in the Texas shaped wave pool!
 After getting cleaned up, we sported our new matching shirts to the Riverwalk!
 One of my very favorite places in Texas is the Riverwalk! It's so beautiful, full of energy and wildlife, I love it so much!
 Can I speak to you for a moment about your insurance? ;)
 For dinner we were stopped at The Original Mexican Restaurant & Bar. We must have looked hungry because the guy out front promised us no wait.
 However, we decided to wait a few minutes for a table out on the water to open up. I could eat every meal out on the water :)
 Our wait at the bar was promising. I ordered a jalapeno margarita. The spicy mixed with the lime was a great combination. However, it was made with pickled jalapenos, and I could have done without the vinegar flavor. It was good, but I think it could have been better with fresh jalapenos.
 Our beautiful seating :)
 After dinner we were on a hunt for ice cream!
 Ben & Jerry's! Thanks to the app "Save in San Antonio" we knew about this place, & we got 20% off our order :) I got Cherry Garcia because it's my fave, & Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz because it sounded yummy. Let me tell you, cherries, chocolate, and coffee should always be served together! It was so yummy!
 We asked our waitress at The Original where she liked to eat breakfast on a Sunday morning, and she told us about Taco Haven. So we tried it out!
 Once we got there our waiter told us Guy Fieri had been there! :)
 Our waiter recommended Reggie's Special, but it came with eggs, which I can't eat :( So he replaced my eggs and potatoes with Polish Quisado, which is a sausage and brisket mixture in a red sauce. It was amazing! Also the barbacoa and beans in a homemade flour tortilla made the perfect breakfast taco! To top it all off, the mini quesadillas with mild white cheese in them, yum, yum, yum!!!
 After all that amazing food, it's time for The Riverboat Tour! Don't get seasick!

 My mom was a little nervous ;)
 We passed by the rivercenter mall
 San Antonio De Padua, a gift from Portugal
 Saint Joseph Catholic Church, built by the German population & still holds services in German the last Sunday of the month.

 This stage is where the swimsuit competition was held in "Miss Congeniality"

 The oldest tree on the Riverwalk
 This tree got lost ;)
 This theatre originally showed silent films.
 This is a single wall freely standing!! ... Or is it?!?! ;)
 Move out of the way! We will run you over!

 A mosaic mural
 Once we were off the tour it was time to walk the Riverwalk and do some shopping.

 Look at their soft down!
 So young!
 Torch of Friendship, gift from Mexico
This is a better picture of Saint Joseph Catholic Church. Maybe one of these days Hubby & I will attend their German service. That seems like an experience we should have!
 "Let's go to the Mall" (name that singer)
 Anytime we are in San Antonio it is a must for my mom to visit Primarily Purple!
Headed back home! Stopped at Buc-ees for gas and snacks :)
We had a fun filled weekend!! Just some crazy ladies out on the town!