Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Empty Shelf Challenge

For 2014 I accepted the Empty Shelf Challenge, from Jon Acuff. I accepted the challenge because Smart Phone games had taken the place of my reading time at bedtime. In 2013 I read a total of 2 books, which I felt was unacceptable! In 2014 I put 30 books on my Empty Shelf!
For 2015 I have cleared off my Empty Shelf, and I would like to issue the challenge to you! If you would like to read more books this year, or if you are an avid reader already & love finding new book recommendations, join us for the 2015 Empty Shelf Challenge.
1) Join the Facebook page 2015 Empty Shelf Challenge
2) Clear off a shelf that you want to fill with books this year
3) Take a picture of your empty shelf & share it with us on our Facebook page
4) Every book you finish, add to your shelf and share the picture with us. If you would like, you can share a short review, or just let us know weather or not you liked the book or if you would recommend the book.
I also recommend the post 4 Ways to Read More Books in 2015 that Jon Acuff wrote about why he didn't read more in 2014. The one that spoke the most to me was "I thought I had to finish books I didn't like" I know I would have read more books in 2014 had I put down books I didn't like & stopped trying to get through them just to put another book on the shelf.
Hopefully, we can be challenged to read more & find new books to read from each other!
If you read on an electronic device, take a screen shot of the books cover, or of your electronic shelf as it fills up. If you are a frequenter of the Library, take a pic of the book on your shelf before you return it. Everyone can participate! :)
I look forward to seeing what kind of books everyone is enjoying!

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