Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Book 3 "There's No Place Like Here"

The third book on my Empty Shelf is an Audio Book. I was given a small stack of audio books from a friend, & I decided to try one out while cleaning this week. I think it helped me stay productive :)
"There's No Place Like Here" by Cecelia Ahern was a good book! I would like to find it in written form so I can read it, as I feel I get more understanding when I'm the one reading.
It is about a little girl who's school mate goes missing, which leads her to panic in search every time anything goes missing, like her socks. She grows up with this panic, until she also goes missing. This book was nothing like what I was expecting just from the cover, it was so much more!
So what do you do to keep yourself on task while cleaning or doing household chores? Listening to Audio Books might become my new thing!

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