Monday, February 2, 2015

New Fence!

I've been meaning to share this with you since it was completed right after Thanksgiving!
 Getting a new fence has been on our to do list since we bought our home.
 Ghost making his own personal exit in the fence, moved it to the top of the to do list!
 We really needed it though, there weren't many more things Hubby could have done to keep this one standing.
 We got some quotes, looked at some pics, & chose our guy :)
 And I stood in the window taking pics of them tearing out the fence :)
That's not creepy, right?!
 Now we have a beautiful new fence!
 Thank you to Hubby's Mom & Dad for our Christmas gift of helping pay for it! We had to have a fence, but ya'll helped us get a nice beautiful fence!!
Once the weather drys up (this summer) we have to get it stained, then it will show it's awesome cedar color even more!
We got a double wide gate, the small portion is what we use regularly, but the larger side can be opened up to have a 10' opening!
The gate from the outside. Ghost isn't getting out of this fence! :)
Yea for home improvements!!

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