Saturday, June 25, 2016

Texas Discovery Gardens

Today we got to visit Texas Discovery Gardens in Fair Park!
We were celebrating AddieJane's birthday!!
The kids got to color on the tablecloth & play with butterfly stickers while we are lunch :)
That's one way to mark your water bottle!
Lioittle butterflys wanting some birthday cake! ;)
After lunch we got to see the butterfly habitat!
It was so beautiful!
There were butterflys everywhere!

and a couple birds :)

Birthday girl getting an upclose look at a butterfly laying an egg!
This giant butterfly likes fruit :)

These 3 were hanging upside down

I waited a long time for this big guy to open his wings, but he didn't want to show off his bright blue wings.
Then we went out to explore the gardens
and we found the Snake Shack!

Leah wanted to pet them :)
This guy was checking out his dinner
but he ended up curling up back inside his water bowl for a nap. Dinner will still be waiting later.
We really enjoyed our day at Texas Discovery Gardens! Happy Birthday AddieJane! Praying for a wonderful year!

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Market

This weekend is the grand opening of The Market at the Dallas Farmer's Market. They completely renovated the indoor space formally known as Shed 2 & it now houses multiple restaurants & shopping spaces.
It's a really cool little spot & I'm always up for new places to eat!
Today I tried Cajun Tailgators.
Their Boudin Balls were full of flavor and a little spicy, very tasty!
I had to get ice cream at Cool Haus! This is one of our favorite food trucks & I was very excited to see them in a permanent location! They make ice cream sandwiches from their house made ice cream & cookies! Today I opted for my ice cream in a bowl because I wanted 2 scoops & adding cookies to that seemed ill advised ;) But don't let my restraint hold you back, they will totally make you a 2 scoop ice cream sandwich!
I got their Balsamic Fig Marscapone and their Dirty Mint. I love all things fig & this ice cream did not disappoint! And Dirty Mint is my new favorite ice cream! It is not a super sweet candied mint that you normally get from ice cream, instead you can see the tiny chopped up pieces of mint mixed in with the chocolate chips! It's like eating ice cream out in the garden, which is fitting at the Farmer's Market :)
I ate my ice cream outside and enjoyed the music :)
Then I wandered over to The Shed. In theory this is where the local farmer's would be selling their fruits & veggies for Dallas to enjoy. The new owners have new rules that only local farmers can sell at the Farmer's Market, which is great in theory. What it means in practice is there were 6 farmers with a table each of produce & the rest of The Shed was the baked goods/canned goods who used to have tables in Shed 2 & several people selling live plants. The days of walking through the Farmer's Market trying the fresh new produce, deciding what to bring home for dinner are gone. I truly hope these are just the pains of change & they can build it back up to what we grew up with. But for now, the Farmer's Market is a great place to go have lunch (truly, I love what they have done with The Market), but I need a new place to try unique produce.
However, I did meet the most informative Plumeria Farmer! We talked for probably 20 minutes about how to grow plumeria. I will be going back to see him!
As I was leaving I saw Vertical Life Farms posing their Tower Garden & thought it was a cute idea!
So my new Plumeria needed to pose as well :)
Let's keep visiting the Farmer's Market, and maybe more farmer's will see it as the place to be! And if you find yourself in need of a Plumeria, I've got a guy!

Bible Journaling

I recently started a journaling Bible. The best description I have heard for Bible journaling is we are creatively representing scripture :) So I wanted to share it with my creative readers who may see this as a creative outlet to worship!
You can check out Illustrated Faith if you want to learn more, and I also follow a couple Facebook groups dedicated to lifting each other up and sharing our pages as inspiration. Search Bible Journaling and DFW Bible Journaling if you are interested :)
The first page I journaled was for our Baby. Hubby traced my tattoo onto freezer paper, and then I  traced it onto the page.
I decided to get a Bible specifically for journaling with wide margins, but I have seen plenty of people use their every day Bible. It's completely up to you how you want to express your creativity to God.
I wanted to show you what supplies I used, from top to bottom:
Tombow calligraphy pen (made in Japan, ordered from Amazon) left a little shadowing on the back but no bleed through
Sakura Pigma Micron 03 almost no shadowing and no bleed through
Sharpie ultra fine tip completely bled through
A la Mode by Hampton Art Black ink pad no shadow & no bleed through.
This is my permissions page. Basically a reminder that this Bible is for worship and if it gets messy that is ok!
Romans 15:4 For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the scriptures we might have hope.
I chose these 3 words to put on the sides of my Bible based on Romans 15:4.
My Papa went to Heaven on April 1st. His favorite passage was Psalms 91. The last verse of Psalms 91 says, "With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation." That is a very fitting verse for my Papa! He was a Pentecostal preacher, and raised multiple generations in church! He also loved to garden, at the bottom I put his 2 favorites onions and tomatoes :) He also raised chickens, and loved to tell corny jokes! I may add one of his jokes to the page ;)
This has not been an easy year, but God is holding us through it! I am very glad to have been introduced to Bible journaling! It has been a very unique way to express my love, worship, and even grief.
Let me know if you are into journaling, or if you decide to give it a try :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Break

This week was my mom's Spring Break, so we had some fun with Sister, Niece, & Nephew :)
Day 1 was Pi Day :)
Day 2 we went to Dallas Museum of Art
They have a great indoor play area , which is great when you had a little too much sun the day before.
Is this food? ;)
Listening for the ocean in the Science center.
Niece can already read! :)
When we were ready for lunch we rode the Trolley from the museum to Klyde Warren Park. Yes, that took longer than just walking across the street to the park, but we got to try a new mode of transport! The Trolley is free to ride, just jump on at one of their multiple stops and ride the circut :)
Despite it's corny name, I decided to try Abe's Flavor Flave for lunch
From top to bottom: Al Pastor, Beef, Veggie with refried beans. The Al Pastor was my favorite, and the beef was really good too! I would not order the veggie again :( The beans didn't have much flavor, iceberg lettuce never has flavor, and if they put avocado in it then I couldn't taste it.
Nephew got a chili dog since the day before he proclaimed Nanny's chili dog delicious!
He then fed some of his hot dog bun to the pigeons :)
Day 3 we drove to Fort Worth to meet my Grandma for lunch. We met at Velvet Taco, not knowing that they have very limited seating. However, through patience, we were able to grab several tables on the patio :)
I got the Rotisserie Chicken Taco and the Fried Paneer Taco. Both were super good!
Nephew got the rotisserie chicken taco, but just with queso on it. He seemed to like it, but then got really excited about it when given ketchup to dip it in :( That child loves to dip!
They also have a kids menu you have to request to see, and Leah got chicken nuggets and tator tots from that :)
Niece really wanted some of the big kids food!
For dessert we drove to Sweet Sammies
They have a great selection of fresh made cookies, and you can choose an ice cream to make your own ice cream sandwich :)
The kids shared one made from sugar cookies with sprinkles and birthday cake ice cream. They loved it!
I got oatmeal chocolate chip cookie on top, peanutbutter chocolate chip cookie on bottom, with bunny tracks ice cream :) The only thing that would make this place better is if they brought back Blue Bell Ice Cream!
Day 4 was Saint Patrick's Day & Hubby's birthday, he was able to have the day off so we got to be together all day! :)
For dinner we had C. Senor, a Cuban Sandwich shop in Bishop Arts.
Hubby got the Key West Mix - Mojo pork, ham, salami, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, mustard, on cuban bread. I got Ruz - roasted Mojo Turkey, cream cheese, jalapeno jam, on medianoche bread. And we shared an order of plaintain chips. Hubby had the best sandwich! We would both get that again! My sandwich did not have much flavor, it needed more jam, and the turkey was very bland :( I liked the crispy plaintain chips, Hubby loved the sauce they came with & used it on his sandwich.
Day 5 of Spring Break we went to Flight Deck. We found out once we got there that they do not do Toddler Time during Spring Break, so the place was packed with kids of all ages! They did seem to keep an eye out for the little ones though :)
Nephew really wanted to throw the dodgeballs, but was never fast enough to get one before the big kids got it. Most of the time, he just held his hand out & they would give him one. He's to cute for his own good ;)
I think Mom had a good Spring Break, although I think she needs to go back to work to rest from her break!
The rest of the day Friday, Hubby & I had the honor to spend preparing for & celebrating the wedding of our friend's Patrick & Sarah! It was such a beautiful wedding, full of so much joy!
And laughter! Plenty of laughter! We wish ya'll an amazing marriage, awesome lives spent together loving each other! Have a great honeymoon, we can't wait to see you when you get back!