Monday, January 9, 2017

Book 1 - How To Be An American Housewife

I missed writing about books, and challenging myself to read more books last year. So I decided to bring back the Empty Shelf Challenge for 2017! Click on that link to see the way the challenge works.

I have changed the name of the Facebook group to Empty Shelf Challenge, so come join us there!

Find a shelf in your home you can clear, and as you read, fill your empty shelf with the books you finish :)
Then take pics as your shelf fills up, and share them with us! You can also share what you thought about the book, and if you would recommend it. Let's talk books! :)
If you read from an E-Reader, screenshot your books! If you borrow from the library, take a pic on the shelf before you return it! Everyone can participate!

My first book to finish in 2017 was How To Be An American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway. I really enjoyed this book about a Japanese woman who has been married to an American now for many years, and is looking back on her life. This was a good work contrasting the two cultures, and how different it is to move to another country.

OK, it is your turn. What are you reading in 2017?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Day for a Wedding

James and Laine got married today!!
I have known James since we were children! It was very special to be there for his on this special day!
It was beautiful and full of love!
They are such a thoughtful couple! They surprised me with a birthday card at their wedding! I made have had a watery eye problem for a moment ;)
We had a wonderful time celebrating love tonight!
James and Laine, choose love always!!! We love ya'll! Congrats!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Gentle Zoo

Today to celebrate Nephew turning 3 earlier in the month, he & I took a trip to the Gentle Zoo in Forney, TX. It is a petting zoo, and an animal rescue.
There wasn't anywhere you could be in a pen with the animals like other petting zoos. However, they did have the turtles above he could Pet, and this turkey was really fascinated with him.
And they had several animals you could feed!
As soon as they would start eating he would exclaim, "They like it!!"
He loved feedingredients each animal!
Llama llama!
Then we found the sandbox with dump trucks! I didn't think we would ever leave again! If it were up to him, we would still be there now!
This was really cool, but still a little to big for this 3 year old. In theory you can work your own digging machine with the levers :)
He liked the air-pillow at first, but then decided it was too high, and he slid off.
Finally someone realized what every kid wants in a slide! No stairs! You climb up a slide, and slide down the other!
Tractor Train time!
He told me it was bumpy & I needed to hold on :)
We saw a kangaroo on our train ride!
A little more time in the sandbox before heading home :)
Happy birthday Not a Baby Luke ;) Aunt Krystle & Uncle Patrick love you very much!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

We are BBQ Judges

I have to share with you our latest food-related fun! We love BBQ! When my brother found out we could take a class to become BBQ judges (and we got to try BBQ in the class!) We were all over it!
My Brother is lame, and didn't want to be in the picture :)*
Here we are, official BBQ Judges! I'm very much looking forward to going out and trying new BBQ places with my new-found knowledge! & I'm really looking forward to signing up to judge a BBQ competition!
If you are also a fan of BBQ, see if they are offering a class near you! They have competitions all over the country, and some all over the world! Maybe we will see each other across the judging table! Just don't judge my sauce covered fingers ;)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pirate Party

Today was Pirate Luke's 3rd birthday party!
We ate all the treats a pirate could ever want!
BBQ Cannon Balls
Pepperoni Seaweed Wraps
Veggie Planks
Berried Treasures
Peg Legs
Fish & Chips
and an Octopus taking a Dip in Dill Dip!
Of course there was pirate loot!
And a treasure map!
"My Gold Doubloons!"
Every pirate needs a trustworthy tattoo parlor!
Luke is carefully applying mommy's tattoo :)
AJ & mommy are getting tattoos too!
Conner and Elias are waiting for their tattoos to set.
Aye Matey, I found a purple pirate!
Pirate found a mermaid!
A bearded mermaid?!
Sword Fight!
Cake time!

What's in here?!

Pirate bedding! Someone is going to be dreaming of the open seas!

That's an angry little pirate!

Playtime while the adults clean up :)
Happy birthday (Not such a Baby) Luke! ;) We love you very much!!