Monday, August 3, 2015

Whole Wheat Germy Pancakes

I woke up one Saturday morning & a Facebook pic of pancakes sent me to the pantry to see if I too could have pancakes for breakfast! I found this recipe thanks to Pinterest & tweaked it to work with the ingredients I already had :) What came from this sudden pancake craving was the best pancakes I have ever made! So I knew I needed to share the recipe with you before I forgot how I made them.

Whole Wheat Germy Pancakes ;)

2 1/2 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
1/2 Natural Raw Wheat Germ
1 Tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp Baking Soda
3 Tbsp Raw Honey
3 Eggs
2 Cups Soy Milk (Regular Milk is fine, Soy is what we had on hand)
1/2 Cup Coconut Oil, melted
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

Sift together dry ingredients, then mix all ingredients together until no large lumps are left. If you want dinner plate sized pancakes as you see in the above pic, then freely pour your batter onto the griddle. If you prefer to think ahead, then grab a ladle & pour normal sized pancakes :) Flip when the batter starts to bubble on the top, then remove when center is firm to the touch. I enjoyed these with butter & honey on top, Hubby used butter & syrup, both ways were yummy & filling for our Saturday breakfast!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Woodcreek Brewing

This weekend is Woodcreek Brewing grand opening in Rockwall, TX. Hubby & I went with his parents to check it out.
They had 6 beers for us to try & between the 4 of us, we tried them all.
I am facinated by beer taps, they come in such different styles!
I started with their New Horizon Wheat beer, which came with a small slice of orange. This was a very tasty beer, great to sit out in the summer sun & drink. Which is good, because there was plenty of summer sun yesterday!
They had Matt J. playing music for us, with his guitar, harmonica, & looper effects pedal, he truly was a one man band :)
The next beer I tried was their Texas Star Bock. I felt like this was closer to a stout than what I consider a Bock. However, I do love stouts :) Half way into it, I decided I needed something sweet alongside my Bock. Opa! Greek Taverna was there & had a yummy looking baklava, which Hubby & I split. It's looks were not deceiving, honey soaked & flaky, this was exactly what this beer called for :)
I saved the best for last! Their Vanilla Porter was smooth, dark, & divine! I would go back for this beer!
Look out for Woodcreek beers in your Dallas drinking spots soon, they know their stuff :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Mexican Weekend

When I first started this blog, Hubby & I were living upstairs from The Family Who No Longer Lives Downstairs... As their new name suggests, that is no longer the case because we were able to save up & buy our own home! So I have been thinking about another new family name for this precious family!
Let me introduce you to Rib, His Rib, & the Riblets! :)
His Rib celebrated her birthday last week & I got to try 2 new Mexican food restaurants! So of course I had to tell you about them! On her birthday we went to Mercado Juarez Cafe in Arlington for lunch. Their beef fajita meat is so tender & flavorful!
The grownups got Fried Ice Cream, & they had ice cream sundaes for the Riblets :) Their fried Ice cream isn't actually fried like at other places I've had it. Instead, it is coated in coconut & corn flakes, & comes in a fried dough cup which is covered in cinnamon & sugar.
Over the weekend a group of us met at Posados Cafe in Bedford for a true birthday celebration. I had been here before, but it had been many years ago. That needs to not happen again, I forgot how yummy they are! Their beef taco meat & shredded chicken taco meat was well seasoned & yummy! They bring you fresh tortillas straight off the machine. I wanted to get a picture of the tortilla machine, but after we were done eating the lunch rush was over & they had given the machine a break. The tortilla soup had big chunks of chicken in it & was covered in cheese! I would be happy if all my meals were covered in cheese! :)
Happy Birthday!!
Aww :)
After lunch some of us took a drive to get snow cones. Bedford Snoball doesn't just have snow cones though, they have a menu of gourmet ice cream! I got Mexican Vanilla to go with the theme of the weekend! They also had little lawn games for little ones & plenty of tree covered seating.
So if you find yourself closer to Fort Worth than Dallas, these are some places I recommend you try out!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Going Out

We have been out & about, which means I have some recommendations for you!
We met our friends a couple weeks ago in Bishop Arts for dinner. We decided to try Eno's Pizza.
I got the Heirloom Spinach Ricotta White Pie, which came on a wafer thin crust. Everything on it was super fresh!
We also ordered the Pig Smiley which had honey, ham, sausage, & pepperoni. Hubby was not a big fan of their sausage seasonings, but it was a good pizza overall.
They have a rotating tap selection, which they print on their weekly menu. That's a great idea except when you run out of them before the week is over. It seemed every beer we ordered was out, but our waiter saved the day with his knowledge of in stock options that were comparable to our wants :) I got to try Moocah Southern Tier, which is a chocolate stout that I could drink all day! Very chocolaty, very dark, just lovely!

After dinner we introduced our friends to the reason we eat in Bishop Arts, Emporium Pies!
Because you can never have enough chocolate, we decided to stop in at Dude, Sweet Chocolate.
They have quite the selection of out of the ordinary chocolates! We decided on their Vietnamese Coffee House Style Fudge & a piece of chocolate covered bacon to bring home. That fudge! Oh my, it has a very strong coffee flavor, perfectly paired with sweet, dark, creamy fudge. Definitely a to be savored chocolate.
I have been wanting to try Pecan Lodge since they were still in the Dallas Farmer's Market! Hubby & I finally got the chance to go & our moms joined us :)
Pictured: The "Hot Mess" (a sweet potato stuffed with barbacoa, bbq sauce, chipotle cream, cheese, butter, & green onions), fried okra, The "Pitmaster (Brisket, Pulled Pork, sausage, slaw, bbq sauce, & fresh jalapenos on a bun), & bacon mac & cheese
Not Pictured: Southern Fried Chicken
Let me just start out by saying that our cashier colored our entire dining experience because we left not really wanting to return, but now looking at this pic I would like to try the food again.
Having said that... Hubby & I did not care for the Hot Mess, I thought BBQ sauce on a sweet potato was weird. Hubby did not care for their barbacoa & wished it had come with brisket of sausage instead. Hubby's mom liked the Hot Mess :)
The pitmaster was very tasty & large! I split the ingredients into 2 open faced sandwiches & then only ate one of them. Hubby said the sausage from the Pitmaster was the best thing on our plates! Next time he just wants sausage :)
The fried okra was perfect! The bacon mac & cheese had green chilies mixed into the cheese & it was scrumptious!
Hubby claimed the Fried Chicken was the best he has ever eaten! I had some with their bbq sauce on it & that was really good! Their bbq sauce is not thick like most, it is a sweet & spicy liquid mixture that I could eat on anything (except a sweet potato, that really was just weird!)!
Overall I think we did enjoy our food, but first impressions are everything, & the aloof I would rather talk to my coworkers & play on my phone than help this line of people attitude, was not a good one.
For Hubby & my anniversary breakfast we decided to try Cafe Brazil in Bishop Arts.
I ordered the Brazillian Breakfast, which is 2 eggs (I substituted the hasbrown casserole because I'm allergic to eggs, which makes going out for breakfast very difficult!), a chorizo empanada topped with spicy cream sauce, rosemary potatoes, a jalapeno, & grilled homemade white bread. 
Hubby ordered the classic breakfast, 2 eggs, bacon, & pancakes.
Sitting at the table we were already talking about coming back so I could get their pancakes! So fluffy & tasty! Hubby & I both loved the hashbrown casserole! The rosemary potatoes were cooked perfectly, but could have used more rosemary & maybe some garlic, but then again I overseason ;) & that homemade grilled bread! It was a thick dense bread & held up well to lots of jelly :)
My empanada though was disappointing. It was very bready & felt baked rather than fried. I love crispy empanadas & this was soft & doughy. Also, the chorizo in it was bland, which I didn't even think was possible.
We will be going back & ordering the biggest stack of pancakes they have! :)
For Independence Day this year & last year we went to Lake Carolyn in Las Colinas to see their fireworks show & eat at some yummy food trucks! NVN Burgers knows their burgers! :) I got the Diablo Burger & Hubby got the BBQ Burger. They both required a stack of napkins! But we talked about those burgers all night! You can check their Facebook page to see where they will be so you too can cover your face in a burger :)
As soon as we saw that YimYam was back this year, we knew we needed an order of their Flaming Sweet Potato Fries! They cover them in spicy seasoning & then drizzle a spicy mayo over the top. They are YimYam Yummy! ;)
The Gourmet Bread Pudding Company works out of the Dallas Farmers Market we found out, so we will be finding them again out there! They had blueberry bread pudding, peach bread pudding, & white chocolate bread pudding, & we tried them all! The peach was my favorite, the white chocolate seemed to be everyone else's favorite. However, my most favorite thing was that they didn't put raisins in any of them! I really really hate raisins, & raisins are always in bread pudding! I once read that you can make anything with raisins better if you switch the raisins for chocolate chips... I completely agree!

Well there you have it, go out & have some great meals! Then come back & let us know what you tried!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book 11 - With Intent

There are now 11 books on my Empty Shelf! :)
"With Intent" by Laurence Henderson was a relatively quick read, which I kept putting down because I have been reading 3 different books at the same time! That is something I never do, & yet here I am doing it!
It was an interesting police investigation story, which did not end the way I would have expected.
Now I have 2 more books to finish, & then I intend to go back to one book at a time :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Trampolines Everywhere!

For Elias' 4th birthday trip, we went to Flight Deck. This room had so many trampolines! Elias just kept running/jumping one big circle around the room :)
They also had one section with dodgeballs, & he had fun kicking them against the wall. Maybe he will play soccer like his mommy!
The foam pit was his favorite area! He kept flipping & tumbling all around!
Then he told me he was king of the world :)
We went during toddler time, so all the kids there were under 6. It was the perfect trip! I can imagine it getting rough with older kids there. He had so much fun, & I got to jump with him (not much, he
has way more energy than I!). Glad we finally got to take your birthday trip Elias! I can't believe it's been over 4 years!

Monday, June 29, 2015

14 years, 9 years, 8 years ago

On this day 14 years ago, on the phone, Hubby & I decided to be more than just friends. It was the summer before our Jr year of high school, & we had been friends since our freshman year! But we had been flirting with the idea of dating all summer :)
9 years ago today, Hubby took me to the Observation Deck of Reunion Tower & asked me to marry him! A woman walked by & told me I better say yes ;) I did!
8 years ago today, we stood in front of our family & friends & vowed to God & each other to be together the rest of our lives!
Today, I have been a wife for 8 years! This is the most important position I have ever held! Happy Anniversary Hubby! I love you more than I knew I could 14 years ago!