Saturday, July 29, 2017

Eating in Arlington

A couple weeks ago we decided to try out Orchid City Fusion Cafe based on several recommendations of people who live in Arlington. Those recommendations were correct!
I got the Crawfish Fusion, fried crawfish over spicy fried rice with jalapenos & crispy onions mixed in. This was some of the best fried rice I have ever had! There were several yummy sounding things on the menu, but I will have a hard time not getting this every visit!
We also got rolled ice cream! Mine was mango ice cream with fresh fruit & mochi on top. The ice cream tasted like fresh mango, it was sweet & creamy. Sister made an even better choice, she got macha ice cream! The macha flavor was so strong! Anytime i've had green tea ice cream in the past it has been good, but not very strong flavor. This flavor was so strong & wonderful! We will be back!
Today Hubby & I decided to have a lunch date :) We wanted to try Tom's based on recommendations & the owner, Tom's, super nice presence on BookFace ;)! This guy is the real deal y'all & his personality rubs off on the people in his restaurant! Hubby told me while we were eating that this was the nicest restaurant he had ever been to as far as customer service is concerned :)
I got a bacon cheese burger with jalapeno bacon, fries, & their new (as in today was the first day) Bacon Gravy to dip my fries in. The burger had fresh veggies on top, & the jalapeno bacon had great flavor. That gravy though, next time I will be trying the chicken fried steak just so I can have more of the gravy! Hubby got the Bacon Bleu Burger, and he really enjoyed the mild bleu cheese flavor. However, he said next time he would get the half pound burger because his third pound came out well done. So if you like your burger medium, keep that in mind.
We will be back Tom! & thanks Chad & Kristen for the wonderful service!!


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  2. Great reviews! Made me want to go to both places. That fried. Rice sounds SO good!!!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed both places! I hope you enjoy them as well!