Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have been dying to tell you about the newest member of our little family!
Meet Ghost! Isn't he adorable! I thought Halloween would be the perfect day to introduce him to the world ;) and yes, if you were wondering, my Hubby is a fan of Game of Thrones : / and he conveniently forgot to mention that's where he got the name from until I had agreed to it...
He adores me :) & the feeling is mutual!
He also loves car rides :)
He joined our family because my brother & sister found him abandoned on the side of the road the night before she was to have my nephew! Not a great time to be taking in stray dogs! So he came to live with us :)
This weeks photo challenge theme is Halloween Fun. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided Ghost and weird gourds would be a cool Halloween pic! At one point he took off with the yellow gourd in his mouth! I thought surely that was the end of it, but I was able to get it back with only a few teeth marks! So needless to say, this is not the picture I envisioned, but it took a bag of dog treats to get it!
Ghost wishes everyone a happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


I owe you 4 weeks of photo challenge pics! And I don't want to disappoint!
Three weeks ago the theme was Guilty Pleasure, more importantly it was the week my nephew was born!
This is my pic for that theme because it is my pleasure to share pics of my adorable nephew!!! However I guess that's cheating since I don't feel guilty about it ;) Also, I made nephew that owl :)
Also, can you believe how great my sister looks after just having a baby!! :) she's awesome!

Two weeks ago the theme was Think Big
Think Big nephew! You can do amazing things through Christ! You have a family who loves you very much! :)

Last week the theme was Blast to the Past
My sister gave my brother this bear when they had just started dating, now nephew gets to cuddle with it :)

And this weeks theme is Borrowed
Tuesday my mom & I borrowed these adorable boys & took them to a pumpkin patch! They had a great time! :)

So that's what's been going on in our neck of the woods :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The State Fair of Texas

Today Hubby took me to the Great State Fair of Texas!
We have several traditions to stick to when at the state fair, one of which was to get our pic taken in front of the newly rebuilt Big Tex! It was such a shock when Big Tex burnt down last year, we were very excited they were able to rebuild him before this years fair started!
We also had to get a couple Fletcher's Corndogs! The jalapeƱo cheese ones of course! I crave that Corndog all year long, just waiting for the fair!
Then we went to the bird show, the 25th anniversary of the bird show, & the last year for it to be at the fair! It was a little emotional, so many people have made this show part of their fair experience for so long! But fourtunately they have started a permanent bird show at our Dallas Zoo :)
This guy flew out of the Ferris wheel to catch a leather lure & took it way up there!
Then later in the show Levi the Harris hawk also flew out of the Ferris wheel! Always such a great show!
Hello beautiful birdie!
Thank you for the donation!

Beautiful birds!

And here's my truck! Dodge Ram 3500 longhorn larimie edition :) another of my traditions is to take a pic in the newest edition of my truck! One of these days I will have one! Hubby said so! "When I win the lottery", he promised ;) I'm not worried that we don't actually play the lottery...

Big Tex in butter, I love to see the butter sculptures every year! They amaze me! And this years was extra special with its hat tipped to Big Tex :)

Then we went to the special Big Tex exhibit, where they showed all his changes over the years & had a special video about his rebuilding this year.
Look at the size of those pumpkins! We stopped by the greenhouse as we were leaving & happened to catch the finishing touches of this pumpkin carving :) what a piece of art!
We had an amazing time at the fair today!!! I love living in Dallas where we can enjoy these wonderful Texas traditions!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

He's Here!

My nephew was welcomed into the world on Wednesday! :) Luke Dwaine, 6lb 13.9oz, 19.5", a very loved little man!
He's adorable! I made this owl for him, it ended up being mommy's pillow during their hospital stay :)
He loves to have his hands up around his face! He did it in his sono pics to.
Luke & his Nanny
Luke with his great-grandma! This is her first great-grandchild! He will call her Ma, after our Ma :)
Luke with Uncle Patrick, I'm sure there were some bad habits being shared ;)
Luke & Uncle Patrick's mommy :)
And now he meets Grandpa Jim-Jim :)
And Cathy!
Such joy from someone so small!
"Are you my mommy?"
Luke with Cassie
Look how tiny! They will take pics of him with CJ the bear as he grows, to show how big he is :)
Tiny clasped hands :)
Daddy's turn, & time for Aunt to leave the hospital so the little family can get some rest!

But don't you worry, I went back & have day 2 pics! :)
Peek a boo!
A whole day old! Yet, doesn't look a day over newborn ;)
Hello hands!
Hands taste good!
Now Luke is meeting his Grandma :)
And his Papa :)
He is such a sweet little thing! The whole family is excited to have him! I already love being an aunt! :)