Sunday, October 6, 2013

He's Here!

My nephew was welcomed into the world on Wednesday! :) Luke Dwaine, 6lb 13.9oz, 19.5", a very loved little man!
He's adorable! I made this owl for him, it ended up being mommy's pillow during their hospital stay :)
He loves to have his hands up around his face! He did it in his sono pics to.
Luke & his Nanny
Luke with his great-grandma! This is her first great-grandchild! He will call her Ma, after our Ma :)
Luke with Uncle Patrick, I'm sure there were some bad habits being shared ;)
Luke & Uncle Patrick's mommy :)
And now he meets Grandpa Jim-Jim :)
And Cathy!
Such joy from someone so small!
"Are you my mommy?"
Luke with Cassie
Look how tiny! They will take pics of him with CJ the bear as he grows, to show how big he is :)
Tiny clasped hands :)
Daddy's turn, & time for Aunt to leave the hospital so the little family can get some rest!

But don't you worry, I went back & have day 2 pics! :)
Peek a boo!
A whole day old! Yet, doesn't look a day over newborn ;)
Hello hands!
Hands taste good!
Now Luke is meeting his Grandma :)
And his Papa :)
He is such a sweet little thing! The whole family is excited to have him! I already love being an aunt! :)

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