Friday, September 27, 2013

Girls Night!

Sweet little nephew is due any day now! So we decided to go out for a girls night before he decided to show his face to the world :)
We started the night out shopping! Sister needed some necessities from Motherhood Maternity, and we grabbed dinner at the mall food court.

Then we went to play BINGO! And let me tell you the stigma that only little old ladies play BINGO is silly! It's fun!
We had actually been talking about going for awhile, so we decided now was the perfect time!
Isn't she just adorable! Doesn't look like she's about to pop at all ;)
This is the pic I chose for this weeks photo challenge. The theme is Ups & Downs, and playing BINGO is full of ups and downs! First you are up because you are close to getting a BINGO, then you are down because someone else got one first.
We didn't win anything, but we had a great time! We will definitely go back! You know, once mommy can bear the thought of being away from baby ;)

So if you have children or are pregnant, what are some things you did with your friends before the baby decided to come into the world?

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