Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Conner

Today sweet little Conner Makoa turned 4! Which means 4 years ago I was taught by this adorable tiny baby that not all children are evil ;)
This year for his birthday trip I took him to the Dallas Museum of Art.
He's a little artist :)
When he saw the Eiffel Tower he got very excited and said, "Hey that's from Ratatouille!"
Also, when we saw a painting of George Washington he said he was from money. Pretty smart little guy.
After we ate lunch at the museum we went across the street to the new city park Dallas built over the highway. This pic was my photo challenge pic last week. The theme was Something new :)
Conner loved running up and down the stairs in this "Tree House".

It is really a neat little park! Next time we will take a change of clothes so he can play in the little stream & fountains they built in!
After a day of playing I took him to the grocery store before I returned him to his rightful owners ;)
He told me, "We should buy mommy flowers, it will make her feel good" Who could say no to that?!

Today was Conner's birthday party!

Make a wish!

 Next one please!

He loved his gifts :)
They both insisted the Batcave get put together! Hubby & Hubby's Mommy were happy to help!
 Hello little Lanier!
 Lanier & her grandma!
 Elias & his granny!
It was a great birthday party! Conner had a great time running around his new house with all his friends! Happy birthday Conner Makoa! Bo & Patrick love you!

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