Friday, January 13, 2012

Where I Come From...

Without my family & friends I would not be me, so I wanted to take a post & share with you the love in my life :)

Hubby :)
This is my High School Sweetheart, the love of my life! There is so much of me that wouldn't be the same with out him. We have been married for 4 1/2 yrs, we have been together for 10 1/2 yrs, we will be together forever!
This is my mommy, without her I literally wouldn't be who I am, cuz I wouldn't exist. People tell me all the time that I'm just like her, & while I argue to give her a hard time, I don't disagree & I'm ok with that :) Sometimes I have no idea how she did it all, but she did cuz she is a great mom!
This is my dad, we don't have the best relationship, but without him I wouldn't exist. So thanks dad :)
This is Hubby's mom, she is awesome! We don't have those weird relationship issues that I hear about from other wives, & I'm grateful for that. I'm also grateful that she gave me my Hubby :) She has become a good friend.
This is Hubby's dad, he is also awesome :) He has a laugh that makes everyone happy! His birthday is Christmas day, which I feel sorry for him for :( He calls me his daughter, & I love him.
Sister & Brother AKA Jamie & Craig
My brother & my sister (in-law) are great! We live about 15 mins apart & so are able to hang out alot which is awesome! Jamie is the reason I have a relationship with my brother. I loved her & wanted to hangout with her, therefore I HAD to hang out with my brother ;) The 4 of us (Bro, Sis, Hubby, & I) have grown super close & I am super grateful for that! Jamie also got me to start selling my crafts & challenges my creativity all the time! She is a super creative person & we go to shows & classes together to learn how to be more creative :)
The Crazy People Who Live Downstairs AKA Burns, Tiffany, Conner & Elias
This is the family we live above. That right there should tell you something about them ;) When they bought their house, they decided that they didn't need the top floor for their then 3 member family. So they asked us to move in :) It has been quite the experience! A great experience!
I have known Tiffany since Jr High from our church. We have been friends a long time! We were in each other's weddings & I was there for the birth experience of her first son. She has recently started a blog about being a mom & wife if you would like to read more about these crazy people we live with :)
I first met Burns in a class at SAGU, but didn't actually get to know him until he started going to our church. I once jokingly suggested that Tiffany should date him, thinking he was not her type at all... now we can see who has egg on her face. I enjoy talking to Burns about Biblical matters, he can remember so many random facts it is ridiculous!
Tiffany & Burns are both amazing, they allow me to be super involved in their children's lives.
Conner is the cutest sweetest 2 year old you've ever met! He made me realize that not all kids are demon spawn ;) and I love him sooo much!
Elias is a miracle baby! He has started crawling & pulling himself into a standing position. Most recently he broke in his first tooth! He is about to be one which will make him the tiniest one year old I've ever seen! It is great to see him & Conner interact with each other. I love him!

These are the people who make me, me :) They are special to me, so I wanted to share them with you!

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