Friday, January 27, 2012

Speed The Light

My church's youth group supports an organization called Speed The Light. For those that have never heard of it, Speed The Light is the Assemblies of God Youth branch of Missions giving. They raise money to buy our missionaries vehicles and sound equipment so they can better reach people all over the world to tell them about God's love. On their site it says:
"The concept is simple: we give so others can speed the light of the gospel to a world in darkness. This is accomplished by providing the "essential transportation and creative communication" equipment for missionary evangelism. Through modern transportation, radio, television, the printed word, and equipment for mass evangelism, our missionaries can better fulfill the Great Commission."
I have been involved in giving to Speed The Light since I was a teenager, and now we encourage our youth to give. Last year the youth at Life Student Ministries - LSM, gave $4,000 to Speed The Light! We are very proud of them! This year our youth pastor has challenged them to give $7,000! And to encourage them, and give incentive to raise more money, I said that I will SHAVE MY HEAD if we raise $7,000 in 2012 for Speed The Light!
This head will be bald if $7,000 is raised at Abundant Life Assembly of God for Speed The Light in 2012! I know this is something you want to see, so I wanted to give you the chance to give. This is the link to my church's, Abundant Life, online giving. You can donate through this secure site & in the description write STL. I will keep you updated on our progress, and I will definitely post pics once I have been shaved :) If you would like to read more about Speed The Light and exactly what they do, that is the link :)
All money given will be going directly to purchase necessary tools for our Missionaries, Abundant Life never takes any money out for handling fees, administrative charges, or anything like that. Everything marked for Missions goes straight to Missions :) Thank you for your support helping us reach our goal!

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