Monday, January 2, 2012

My Gift From Hubby

A few days before Christmas Hubby told me that for my gift he was buying me a tattoo! I decided this summer that I wanted a tattoo & have been researching it for months, but I didn't know when we would be able to do it. I told him he had to get one with me because I was scared to be the only person getting one. So Friday Hubby, Mom-in-Law, & I all went & got our first tattoos! It was awesome! I won't tell you it didn't hurt, but it definitely didn't hurt as much as I expected it to :) (& I'm typically known as a wuss). Going into it I knew exactly what I wanted, a frog with some sort of ivy around him. Hubby & mom-in-law didn't decide what they were getting til we were there. We are obviously very different people :) But we all left with a tattoo we love, & that's what matters.
 This is my frog :) I love him!
This is what Patrick got, a Celtic Shamrock
 and mom-in-law got a hummingbird in honor of her mom who loved hummingbirds.

Thank you hubby for a great Christmas present that will last a lifetime! :)

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