Thursday, December 29, 2011


Well we finally tried beans that I tried to make for Christmas... they were not great :( If I was just wanting a pot of black beans to pour over cornbread, then they would have been fine, but I was wanting Mexican black beans...& that they were not :( So I will try again another day & if I am successful then I will share the recipe with you.
However something that I have tried that was wonderful is this candy bar Hubby put in my stocking.
Yes this is just the candy bar wrapper, it was that good :) & yes those are boxes that previously held Christmas presents...please excuse my Christmas mess.
I was already a huge fan of dark chocolate & spicy together. Hubby has bought me dark chocolate bars before with chilis in it & those are always great! This time he found this, with chipotle, salt, & popping candy! Yes we are talking Pop Rocks! I can tell you this candy bar lives up to it's name!
So if you are looking for an interesting sweet treat, I recommend this candy bar, or any dark chocolate bar with something spicy inside :)

CHUAO gave me nothing for this blog, I just really loved this candy bar that Hubby so sweetly picked out for me :)

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