Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Letter

This is my Christmas letter this year, & I wanted to share it with you :)

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas! Where has 2011 gone?! I remember when I was little and years seemed to drag on forever… that is not the case anymore!
          I hope you have had a good year! We are doing well! We are still living in Midlothian with the Burns’. Conner is still as cute as ever & recently started saying “Love You”. The first person he said it to was Patrick. It was cute & really funny. He turned 2 in October & is really starting to talk & show his own individual personality. February 10th we gained a new member to the household. Elias James Burns was born 1 lb 12 oz, 14 ½ weeks early! He is now 10 months old, healthy, & adorable! He has been crawling for a few weeks & just started sitting up on his own. He is a miracle baby!
          I went to my first couple of craft shows this year. The shows were not financially beneficial, but I did learn from others who have been doing it longer & I plan on attending more shows next year.
          I started canning this summer, I made pickles & pickled okra. Patrick wants me to learn how to pressure can so I can save veggies for us to eat through the year. (Tiffany canned green beans & potatoes in her pressure canner-yum!) While I was canning, I was thinking about Ma, my great grandma. I loved the jelly she used to make! I will definitely be making jelly in the near future.
          We have started the planning process to take a trip to Disney World! We will be going with Jamie, Craig, & Jim & Cathy (some of my adopted parents J). We are going May 20th & are all really excited!
          I hope you are having a great Christmas! And have a wonderful, 2012!

                                                                                      Patrick & Krystle

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