Monday, December 5, 2011

This is what's going on

1) The Holiday Bazaar I was part of Nov 30 & Dec 1 was not as great as expected :( I was not able to make back my booth fee, but I did meet a few people who have been doing this craft show thing way longer than me. These said people now have my info & are going to let me know about upcoming shows in the future! So I'm very glad I attended this Bazaar!
2) I have been blogging for a year! I can't believe it! I truly appreciate you following along with me as I am getting my feet wet in the blogosphere. It has been a fun adventure :) And here we start year 2...
3) Saturday was my Birthday! :) It was a great day! I went to a do it yourself mosaic store with my sister & mom, then I had a birthday party thrown for me by the same amazing sister & mom & my brother cooked! It was a hat party because recently I have fallen in love with wearing hats! So everyone was instructed to wear a hat & everyone bought me new hats! So of course I alternated which new hat to wear through the rest of the party :)
4) It begins tonight... The first Christmas party Hubby & I are invited to is tonight. Let the month long celebrating begin! Jesus, You deserve a month long birthday party & so much more! Thank You for saving my life!

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