Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well I said I was going to give you a snack food a day, did one & then stopped. I do apologize, but I have news. Conner, the sweet little boy I watch, now has a brother!

Elias James was born 2-10-11, 14 weeks premature, 1 lb 12 oz. He is in NICU, but is doing well.
He is the cutest little guy, stole my heart at 1st glance. He has the tiniest little hands,
and he likes to suck on his finger :)

So I thought I would share this adorable guy with you, & ask that you keep him & his family in prayer while he gets strong enough to come home. I'll keep you updated on his progress.

And your snack food for today to keep in theme is baby carrots :) Very good dipped in semi-homemade ranch dip! All you need is a carton of sour cream & a pkg of ranch dip mix & enjoy.

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