Thursday, January 2, 2014

Taking on the Empty Shelf Challenge

I found The Empty Shelf Challenge on a friend's Facebook Page. I decided to take it on because I really want to read more! My IPhone  has been both a blessing & a curse, ever since I got it over 2 years ago I spend my evening playing phone games instead of reading before bed : /
So I emptied the shelf above our fireplace of all the knickknacks & I plan to fill it with books I read this year! As you can see I did leave one knickknack to work as a bookend. That is a ceramic boot Hubby made in a pottery class several years ago. I'm not the only creative one in the family :)
The first book on my shelf I just finished on New Year's Eve, it's Play Dead by Harlan Coben. This is actually Harlan Coben's first book. I have read several of his newer books, & expected this one to be not as well written since he hadn't had as much practice. I was pleasantly surprised! He never disappoints with his plot twists & turns! I will say one literary tool he used in this book that I have not seen him use in more recent works was sexual scenes. It got a little to risque for my taste, but since I know the author I continued on & the story was great! I'm not going to attempt an actual book report, mainly because it's 5 years since I was in school :) But I would recommend this book & especially this author to anyone who enjoys suspense & mystery.
If you love to read & want to challenge yourself to read more join the Empty Shelf Challenge with me!

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