Thursday, January 9, 2014

Book 3 Already!

Last night I finished my 3rd book for the Empty Shelf Challenge :) However it might have been cheating just a little... I actually read over half this book awhile ago. Then it got put aside, packed up, put back on the bookshelf, & never finished. So I decided to finally pick it back up & finish it :) The book is "The Cereal Murders" by Diane Mott Davidson. I have read several of her books & really enjoy them! She writes about a caterer who also fancies herself an ametur detective. The books are fun mysteries, always with something that needs to be solved & a party that needs to be catered. Also sprinkled throughout each book are recipes that she's making for her events! I collect cookbooks, so finding a series of books that come with recipes was awesome!
I'm so excited to be reading regularly again! The Empty Shelf Challenge was just what I needed to motivate me!


  1. I've read "Daughter of the Forest", "Mr Perfect", "Cry No More", "14" ( fabulous!!! ), "The Book of Tomorrow" and the first two Mary Poppins books ( thanks Krystle! ) I'm working on the 3rd Mary Poppins and "High Five" and of course.. the Bible :) always working on that one :) And yes, I usually have more than one book.. especially now that do so many audio books.

    1. You are very welcome! Glad you are enjoying them! I can't read more than one book at a time unless one is a story & the other is like a self-help or something else not story related... Otherwise I get confused & could end up with Harry Potter trying to win the Hunger Games ;)
      You are an inspiration for reading more though! Thanks!