Monday, January 9, 2017

Book 1 - How To Be An American Housewife

I missed writing about books, and challenging myself to read more books last year. So I decided to bring back the Empty Shelf Challenge for 2017! Click on that link to see the way the challenge works.

I have changed the name of the Facebook group to Empty Shelf Challenge, so come join us there!

Find a shelf in your home you can clear, and as you read, fill your empty shelf with the books you finish :)
Then take pics as your shelf fills up, and share them with us! You can also share what you thought about the book, and if you would recommend it. Let's talk books! :)
If you read from an E-Reader, screenshot your books! If you borrow from the library, take a pic on the shelf before you return it! Everyone can participate!

My first book to finish in 2017 was How To Be An American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway. I really enjoyed this book about a Japanese woman who has been married to an American now for many years, and is looking back on her life. This was a good work contrasting the two cultures, and how different it is to move to another country.

OK, it is your turn. What are you reading in 2017?

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