Monday, March 5, 2012

Elias First Birthday Party

Elias is One :) He has come such a long way & we had a great party to celebrate him. His parents decided to have his party at the hospital where he was born to both celebrate, and thank the NICU staff who took such great care of him. Many nurses and NICU staff came by to see him & have lunch with us, it was a very special party.

 The party was caterpillar themed, and turned out super cute!
 Using the colored dots that are usually used for garage sales, we encouraged people to make their own caterpillars :)
 His Granny found this cake & had to get it for him. How cute!
Here are a few of the nurses who joined the party.
 Birthday boy & mommy :)
Birthday boy's whole family
 I was very fortunate to catch this picture! A split second after I took it, he dove towards the cake, luckily mom caught him before he landed.

 He really enjoyed his first taste of cake!
 He enjoyed it a lot!

Elias really enjoyed his birthday party :)

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