Friday, May 17, 2013


This weeks photo challenge was a challenge for me. The theme is Action, I had no ideas. Today I decided to take a picture of a candle flame... boring, but I didn't want to skip the week. Then I looked out the window at our lawn that desperately needs to be mowed... don't judge it's been raining! At least that's my excuse for the minute ;) I saw a dandelion that somehow was still full of seeds after these storms! Now let me tell you, trying to blow the seeds off a dandelion while also holding the camera is no easy task. So I am very happy this pic turned out! I took several more, all blurry, so this one was meant to be!
I love the single seed ready to blow away! I also love that my hand looks like my mom's hand in this pic, but whiter ;) yes my mom can tan, no I cannot : /
Have you ever had one of those aha moments? I like this idea alot more than a candle burning.

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