Friday, April 6, 2012

My Thai Family

When I open my fridge, I see eggrolls, and this makes me super happy! :) Sunday I got to make eggrolls with the Thai side of my family... don't I look Thai to you? ;)
Yes I know, I am whiter than a piece of paper.
Background story: in college my brother's girlfriend & I moved into the home of a wonderful couple from our church. They became a second set of parents to us & Jamie & I became sisters. Craig & Jamie eventually got married which made us really sisters :) Well, Jamie is half Thai (and you didn't think I had a point).
So Sunday Jamie, her sister Jen, their fully Thai mom Lamyai, and I got together to make eggrolls. I was super excited! Jamie and Jen have taught me how to make eggrolls in the past, but I was stoked to be learning from the master! I'm not even going to try to give you a tutorial on how to make eggrolls, because I am definitely not the master! I will, however, show you some pics :)
This is Jamie, Lamyai, me, and Jen. Please excuse my over-sized t-shirt, I am a messy cook & therefore, never cook in nice clothes :) And look at Jen's adorable tummy! She's gonna be a mommy soon & will have another set of hands to help with the egg rolls.
These noodles are called Bean Thread, they come dried & have to be soaked in water to soften them & then they are cut up & added to the eggroll mix.
Ground beef, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, soy sauce, black pepper, and once the noodles are soft they will be added in.
 Mother daughter moment :)
 Eggroll wrappers come in pkgs of 25 & 50, so here I am pulling them apart & Jen is rolling one up.
 Eggroll apprentice :)
 After we got them all rolled then I fryed them, cuz I'm not afraid of popping grease ;)
We had a great time! And we will have to make some more soon!


  1. Loved this post!! So glad you are apart of our Thai family!! : )