Monday, April 23, 2012

Bid on a House!

Thursday evening when Hubby got off work we met with our realtor & put a bid on a house! We decided against the one "in pristine condition" for 2 reasons, 1) more was wrong with the ac than we originally thought & 2) the one with "a few issues" is a bigger house and once it's fixed up it will be worth more :)
So we placed the bid, and now we are waiting to hear back from the bank (because it is a foreclosure).
And I just have to brag here because I found this house & showed it to Patrick. He did not think we would like it & therefore did not want to go look at it. I told him it wouldn't hurt to look at it, so we told our realtor we would like to see it. And it's the one house out of 14 that we decided we liked enough to put a bid on! :) I'm a little bit proud of that ;)
I will keep you updated on the progress!


  1. GOOD JOB K!!! So excited for yall!!

    1. Thanks! We are super excited & anxious for it all to go through :)