Thursday, April 26, 2012

Accepted & Inspected

Tuesday, after a bit of back and forth about the contract, our bid was accepted on the house! And an inspection was set up for yesterday. Hubby took off work a little early & we met the inspector at the house so we could see everything he was seeing. He told us somethings we already knew like the top of the fireplace needs to be rebricked, and some things we did not know like the water heater has a leak & needs to be replaced. But ultimately he said it was a fixer upper & for the right price it was a good house :) We agreed!
Patrick's mommy, who is also buying a house & had just hers inspected that morning by the same guy, met us there to see the house, and my sister & mommy came when they got off work to see it.
Now the home has to be appraised, and the lending bank gets that appraisal to decide if they are willing to pay for this house. This is the part that makes us nervous. We have been told what is wrong with it & we are willing to fix it, but if the bank decides they don't want to lend money for this house then we are out of luck.
So please pray with us that the appraiser sees the potential in this house & is having a good day when he comes to see it :)
We are so close to being first time homeowners!!! Once everything is finalized I will share pics :)

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