Monday, May 7, 2012

I Met Marion Smith!!!

This afternoon my sister texted me & told me that The Marion Smith, the Scrapbooking genius Marion Smith was going to be at my local scrapbook store! So of course I had to go meet her!
I walked into the Crafty Scrapper and there she was picking out scrapbook paper. I debated in my mind to just start shopping or to go introduce myself... I am not very good at talking to people I have never met :) but I decided I came to meet her, so I needed to go meet her. I approached her & said "it's like walking up to a movie star" which thankfully got a laugh out of her :) we talked for a little while, she picked out some amazing Scrapbooking supplies, I picked out some stuff for my Disney scrapbook! It was so nice meeting her! She is so very sweet! Every bit as nice as she seems in her tutorial videos :)
Thank you Marion for the nice chat & for not making me feel like the stalker that Hubby claims I am ;) have a great rest of your stay in the great state of Texas!

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