Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The House Has Been Appraised!

The appraisal has FINALLY happened! And the appraiser said nothing negative about our house! :) He said it is worth what we are paying, he obviously saw it as the great home that we saw it as :) We are still waiting for the lender's underwriter to look over the appraisal, but since he said nothing negative we aren't worried about it.
So that means I can officially be excited about my new house!!!!! We are going to own our own home! We are  going to be home owners! Hubby & I will have our own place and it will belong to us! :)
So you wanna know about our house? It was built in 1978, it has 4 bedrooms, it has a nice sized kitchen which opens up to the living room this was very important for entertaining :) It has 2 bathrooms, a 2 car garage... it is the perfect home! :)
So you wanna see it?! I thought so :) Somehow we forgot to take a picture of the front so I will have to show you that another day.

 This is the only tree on the property, and we will have to cut it down since it is growing so ridiculously close to the house. We are going to plant more in both the front & back yards :)
 This is the chimney which needs to be rebuilt at the top.
Here is the formal living & the front door

These 2 pics are the formal dining which is attached to the formal living. Both of these rooms will be our library!!! I am so excited to have room to dedicate to all our books!
This is the living room, and the entrance from the front door.
This is the living room and fireplace. I love the french doors & they have built in blinds!
 My wonderful kitchen!
 That first set of doors is the pantry and the second set is the laundry room. I am so excited to have a laundry room! Hubby & I were given a washer & dryer shortly before we got married, but we have never lived anywhere where we could use it. Now after almost 5 years of marriage we will finally be able to use our washer (the dryer is gas & the hook up is electric, so we will need a new dryer lol) Thank you Mommy in law for storing our washer & dryer in your garage all these years! 
Guest Bathroom
 This will either be my craft room or the guest room.
 This will also either be my craft room or the guest room.
 Hubby's office 
 Master Bedroom, not pictured are the TWO walk in closets! Which Hubby affectionately calls the Her's & Her's closets :) Hes so sweet!
 Master Bathroom, the shower wall needs to be replaced & retiled, but Hubby is up to the job :)

I know what you are thinking: That's the greatest house ever! Right?! :) I'm very happy! I know we have lots of paperwork, and lots of sweat & elbow grease in our future, but it is so worth it :) I will keep you posted on our progress :)

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