Monday, April 15, 2013

We are South Beach Dieters

Have you ever said you were going to do something... more than once... and never really get around to doing it? Then, feel like if you tell people again, they really aren't going to believe you... Please tell me I'm not the only one!
So remember way back when I told you we were going to start a diet "soon". Then a little while later I said it again... And yet again at the beginning of 2012!
Well, believe it or not Hubby & I have actually started our diet!
We are doing the South Beach Diet, because as I have said before, I appreciate that it teaches healthy eating habits for life instead of crash dieting. We really enjoy the recipes South Beach offers, and & really enjoy cooking! So win win :) The hardest part for us is the first 2 weeks because there is a very limited diet in order to cleanse your body, but after those 2 weeks it gets much easier & less limiting.
This will take planning on my part since I'm pretty much the one in charge of what we eat, but as long as I stick to my weekly menu planning we should be good to go!
We officially started on Thursday, and Saturday morning I weighed myself, which I really don't recommend doing! Please don't be like me, weighing yourself to often can be very discouraging. But I had already lost a pound! So at least I wasn't discouraged! I will try from now on not to weigh myself more than once a week :) Of course Hubby weighed himself Sunday morning & he had already lost 6 lbs! Men can be frustrating at times ;) I threatened to start spiking his food with sugar! But in all honesty I'm very proud of him!
 Here is our before pic (do you love Arrested Development as much as we do?!)
And a better/worse one, depending how you look at it.
I hope to share some of our favorite SBD recipes with you as we go, if I can remember to take pics while cooking. That is my biggest deterrent from posting more recipes! Have you ever tried SBD? What was your experience like? We can use all the tips, tricks, encouragement, & prayer we can get!

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