Thursday, July 7, 2011

Snacking Healthier

I've said it before, & I can't promise you that I won't say it again... I need to eat healthier. I've been reading healthy snack suggestions over at Pioneer Woman (read the comments, so many great ideas!), & so many people have such great great healthy snack food ideas that it has me wondering why I haven't tried any of them! So I have written down some of the ideas that intrigued me, such as frozen smoothie popcicles, frozen grapes, & even sliced cucumbers soaked in white vinegar, & I plan on giving them a try. I will let you know how my snacks go, & would like to know if you have any favorite healthy snacks that I should try.
I really do want to start eating healthier, not just because I'm 5'2" & weigh 180 lbs :( but also because I want to be healthy & grow old with my hubby :) This is why I have chosen the South Beach Diet as my plan of action, because it's not about losing weight (that's just a beneficial side effect) it is about living a heart healthy life. So I just need to jump back on the wagon & start not just snacking healthier, but eating healthier, and a little exercise probably wouldn't hurt either... except that I think it might... hurt... a little.

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