Friday, July 29, 2011

I Wanted To Write About Belly Dancing...

So back in May I purchased a deal on Groupon for a year membership to a dance studio for really cheap. I thought this would be a good way to get in shape & have fun in the process. They offer pole fitness classes, so I was interested in that cuz I'm a married woman ;) However I just found out this week that they only offer the pole classes at night & I need to attend a daytime class (not a good neighborhood, when I tell people where it is they tell me not to get shot) therefore, daytime class mandatory. So I decided to take belly dancing classes on Friday afternoons. I planned on coming home from my class today & telling you all about how I embarrassed my self in a belly dancing class (hubby tells me I dance like I have an ironing board tied to my back), but unfortunately I do not have any such story to share with you. I drove to my first class to find the door locked & noone there! When I called she told me that the class had been cancelled :( So next week after I brave another trip to my belly dancing class, hopefully I will have some fun stories to share with you.

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