Thursday, July 21, 2011

Using up Supplies

I read this post the other day about investing in scrapbooking, and it really got me thinking about being creative with the supplies I already have. I try my hardest to find creative ways to use things I have instead of running to the store, such as I use clothes that are stained or don't fit to make my fabric flowers so I don't have to buy fabric. I have discussed before about Thrifty Scrapbooking, so I save my toilet paper tubes, boxes, & the like. And I have started saving old books that are falling apart to cut flowers out of & to use to Mod Podge (does anyone else pronounce it Modge Podge?). But I know there is more I could be doing to keep myself working from my stash instead of searching through the store for the latest & greatest. It would also help with my scrapbook storage (unstorage?) problem if I used up what I have instead of buying & storing more. Stephanie's post has really got me thinking and committing to finding new ways to use what I have. I'll let you know what other ideas I come up with, & please if you have any ideas to share with us leave them in the comments & they will be much appreciated!

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