Friday, June 24, 2011

So Far...

A couple of weeks ago I made a short list of crafts to work on this Summer, & reading back over the list I realized that I have already finished 2 of them! Granted they were probably two of the easier ones on my list, but still I'm excited :)
First I made a Flower Hair Clip

We decided to make hair flower clips to wear to the scrapbooking convention so we would be cute :) And I also made this one so I could post it on Etsy. We took a picture together looking cute with our hair flowers, & when I get that picture I'll show you.

The second thing I can cross off my crafting list is Flower shirt, purse, & hat pins

I love the way that looks on my hat :) I may have trouble parting with it lol

Thats what I've done off my summer to do list, how about you? And "summer resolutions" underway? Tell us about them.


  1. Thank you! I hope to be posting pics of more of my summer projects soon!