Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crafts to do this summer

As of yesterday I am no longer watching Conner and Elias during the day because mommy is now a stay at home mommy :) I have mixed feelings about this because I love them dearly & loved my time with them, but I am glad that mommy gets to spend everyday with them now. And I still live in the upstairs of their house so when I need my precious Conner & Elias time I just need to go downstairs :)
That being said, now I am free to devote more of my time to my crafting & here is my to do list:

1) Beer bottle mirror/picture frame
2) Rock and Roll baby girl mini album
3) Hair flower clip
4) Paper covered plaque
5) Flower pins for shirts, bags, hats...

Well thats a good start, hopefully I can get them all done this summer. I will post pics as I accomplish these new craft ideas :) What are you going to work on this summer?

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